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Mercedes w140 climate control reset

Mercedes w140 climate control reset

Large Image Extra-Large Image Figure 13 As a reference, I replaced this one 6 months ago - you can see it's just a bit dirty but not much. Again this one is new.

Mercedes w140 climate control reset

I can say firsthand that this filter works. I have yet to replace one that hasn't been absolutely filthy after just a few months. They will also clog if neglected.

The symptoms are similar to low fan rpm, just restricted airflow. Notice the corrosion here and there - and I removed it to clean it up about a year ago. The motor bolts and the aluminum case itself seem to be subject to corrosion.

The motor will come out from this assembly, and can be replaced separately from the housing. Remember - you won't have to remove this assembly if you're just replacing the Blower Regulator. Try doing the obvious diags first - like the little controller that sits on top of the fan. Look for loose wiring, corroded connections to the motor, anything like that.

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You can actually replace the brushes on these motors if you're up to it, but the comments I've heard are it's not worth it. If you've got to pull the blower assembly, just pull the screws all the way around the fan case and it will lift out. I threw it in the trash.

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Remember - these motors are controlled by varying the ground potential voltage - NOT the positive voltage. It's also hot all the time and never switched.

Large Image Extra-Large Image Figure 20 With my fan control inside the car set to "full", this is all the voltage I got to the motor on this car. So, 12V on the ground wire means the motor is shut off.

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Actually, I think it's more like 1V. Large Image Extra-Large Image Figure 21 Another shot of how I attached the scope leads to test full potential between the two poles on the motor.

It showed 12V, so I assumed at this point the motor was beginning to look good. I'm not sure how a different value would be diagnosed, especially if there were diodes on the brushes. So maybe some of the experts reading this could comment.

Did I tell you this thing gets HOT? That motor pulls an awful lot of current.

Any suggestions on what to look for to see if it is on fact the tank. Both schools there was coolant on the power steering reservoir and dripping down the side for the top. Touching most of our competitors we have no hidden fees.

Anyway - if you were here just to replace the filters then place your new one on top of the motor housing, charcoal down, and replace the cover in reverse order.

Don't forget to do the wires and the drain plug, and the long screws. Figure 24 I think I took this pic to show the screw is a Torx T20, not an allen.

It's been working fine ever since. What a great idea - coffee filters are made for no lint, and specifically made to leave no debris. And they're absorbent. So I cleaned both the bottom of the Fan Regulator, and the top of the fan housing where this little thing sits.

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