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E36 318is buying guide

E36 318is buying guide

Blower motor resistor issues. Just make sure you cycle through all speeds on the climate controls About bux should you need to replace.

CAB's prolly need replaced. Check driveability and note and unusual vibration, shuddering. I did not install anit-rattle kit.

Look for SRS Airbag light. Could be that or seat belt tensioner, or seat belt switch. Ensure inst cluster ooperates by design, and that you are able to reset time to normal and military time.

Many times people pull the cluster, to do whatever, and they mess up the little needles in that, a small piece of plastic breaks of, and then it loses it's functionality. Just something to check.

Subframe, as already mentioned. Look at the link I provided Follow it to the E46 link.

Many, many threads out there. Google is your friend.

Your definitive –94 BMW E30 3 Series buyer's guide In America, i models are by far the most common, followed by the i. Outliers. The follow-up to the iconic BMW E30 3 Series was the E36 model, a car 2 BMW E30 is Races an E36 i On the Nurburgring Ultimate Klasse: we're here with some useful tips on what to look for when buying one. Here's the Classic & Sports Car guide to buying one. Nov 4dr available in UK; bhp i added, all get increased rear seat space. The new BMW 3 Series isn't far away, but the previous six generations The iS remains a classy response to those pesky hot hatches. Recently sold my e39 and bought an e36 is. I'm just in the process of buying my first place alone so won't have as much spare.