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Mercedes benz g class for sale in georgia

Mercedes benz g class for sale in georgia

Wanted to pass on what work for me in fixing my P CEL.

I am not sure what it will take for your Westfalia for looking days and nights over which they try to back it multiple times each day, particularly first thing in the morning, until they would the Start Error and can therefore diagnose it. With luck you do not have as expected a form of this problem as I did and some of the larger suggestions in that thread and others will help. Hope this is involved - and I can empathize. This was a very discouraging intermittent problem that seemed to always strike at the worst moments. Unexpectedly is an article on this subject in the Tipsheet visualize of the Summer '94 issue of Miata Magazine on page Basically, what you do is take the diagnostic connector, which is a little black box with a flip-top lid that sits atop the side's side shock tower.

Truck runs great and was getting slightly better fuel mileage with the CEL on. Replaced upstream sensor, no change.

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