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Mercedes c class style vs avantgarde

Mercedes c class style vs avantgarde

Could you tell me some more about your trim and how it differs from the Cs, please?

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Mercedes India also seems to have done minor revisions with small updates within these. The pricelist I had showed Avantgarde 12 and 3 and Style in an old and new price. The feature wise difference between Avantgarde and Style in C Class is this. But for methere were only 2 things that made me go for the higher priced Avantgarde Got it at about 2 L higher Panoramic Sunroof Ambient lighting system Wasn't there in the previous revision of Avantgarde itself Having made up the mind to spend so muchmy wife's was questioning why hesitate on the last 2 lakhs and that was the last push I needed Quote: Originally Posted by V.

Can you tell more about the post purchase experience I am looking forward to your pre-buy research. Your observation on a choice for every Rs 2 lakhs from 30 to 50 is very interesting. I am in the market for a purchase in the 35 to 65 range and would be most keen to read your post on this. Thanks in advance for your efforts. Narayan Sure, I intend to write a longish post on these two topics in a few days.

Is the spare wheel set in a cavity in the dickey or does it sit on the top eating into luggage space Yes - its sits in the boot and eats into the space. Mercedes doesn't customize the base of the car for India and there isn't simply enough of a cavity in the frame to allow for this.

My 2017 Mercedes C220d Avantgarde - Wows every time you step in: mercedes c class style vs avantgarde

Quote: Originally Posted by vb-san Congratulations! The C in my opinion, is one on the most sorted out design in the current Mercedes line-up. It looks modern and still have a very mature and elegant feel to it; something which is important for a graceful ageing.

I have a similar viewand its not so much about the "stick-on" design that a lot of merc owners seem to hate. I hate the response speed of the systemits like an android phone from 5 years ago - super slow.

Will write up more details in a separate post on the infotainment unit Quote: Originally Posted by Arjun Reddy Congratulations Redindian.

Is there a rusting issue. For me the game just seems incomplete without at least some of the cars i laid. I am just hoping that for DLC 3 we can at least get one or two of them into the game. Transparency else feeling the same way, or know if there are much reasons we won't be seeing them anytime soon.

The C is stately and mature looking with fantastic interiors. The Cavansite Blue does look really good. Do you also get Garmin Pilot maps with your Avantgarde 3 model?

Ensure to do a tankful mercedes c class style vs avantgarde you start your journey and then again do a tankful when you complete your journey. Another aspect, which I didn't purposefully touch upon is one's driving style. My principle is keep sedate driving style while driving in city and slightly aggressive while on highways.

Looks like they have added ambient lighting and illuminated door sills for the Avantagatde 3 variant. I got some version of the Garmin Navigation systemnot sure if it's all the same. In my opinion all of these pale in comparison to simply implementing carplay or android auto and connecting to google maps - you get up-to date directions, traffic and more. The new CLA gets android auto and carplay functionality.

Mercedes might bring that in the C Class in Avantgarde 4 maybe Quote: What else are in the feature list? How much more are they charging over the Avantgarde?

Mercedes c class style vs avantgarde

Posted this a couple of replies back. Quote: Originally Posted by anandpkumar BTW, I too am curious about why you felt that the C is a better driver's car than the 3 series. Like most others, I was under the impression that the 3 is a better driver's car.

Would love to hear your thoughts behind this. I know it's a controversial statement before I made it even. I will attempt to give a slightly deeper perspective on this shortlybut in a gist - I am not debating that C feels better to drive than a 3 series in the way a lot of folks assess it.

Instead I am actually trying to look at what a driver's car means for me in a slightly different lens and question - "is it a package that makes you feel excited every time you step in" and in that the C Class came closer to what I wanted than a D Sportline. More on that in a separate post.

Quote: Originally Posted by rageshgr Congrats on the sexiest luxury merc!

It looks really royal in that deep blue. C looks more youthful and fresher than its larger brothers. Any particular reasons for not going for cd? The D was coming at a much higher price and the engine felt a bit more gruffy when you start it up.

Didn't want to keep pushing it. Wishing you tons of fun with your ride. Hope it doesn't get worse after that if I decide to keep the same car with me. Last edited by GTO : 7th March at Reason: Merging back to back posts.

Mercedes-Benz C 200 d Berline Avantgarde Line (2019) Exterior and Interior

Mercedes Benz C Class C CDI AvantGarde is the other diesel variant in the saloon's line up. The difference between CDI Style and Avantgarde variants is.