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Mercedes fuel filter pliers

Mercedes fuel filter pliers

This kit had 4 of the clamps I needed to stop the leak. Has not leaked a bit since I changed the hoses and clamps.

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Got the new rubber elbow hoses from Berry Sprinter. I just went out and measured the new rubber fuel elbows and the O.

It results in better handling and a hard ride, Hyundai says. The SE gets a sport-tuned suspension.

Here's the website and item for clamps that should work: Tab down in the. No guarantee that the 6 fits all fuel hoses on all Sprinters. If you have an older Sprinter yr models with the OM engine, you are more prone to vacuum leaks than pressure leaks as the fuel pump must "draw" the fuel all the way from the tank i.

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Using regular "screw type" hose clamps with the helical grooves through the band is a bit scary. Suggest you think about getting some real fuel injection clamps and not re-using the OEM Click clamps.


A luxury car dealership may mercedes fuel filter pliers or pay for specialized training in dealing with high-end cars and affluent clientele.

Once the hose is compressed for a while, the Click clamps have only their inherent "springiness" to keep the hose tight on the fitting. Hope this helps, There is a tool sold for the "Click" clamps, but I would not reuse them.

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So you really need mm fuel injection clamps. Quote: Originally Posted by flman Back in when we needed to replace the fuel filter on the T1N we did not have the proper tool, so we removed the old clamps, saved them and used old fashioned screw clamps.

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What is the proper tool to use the OEM clamps? Last edited by sailquik; at AM.

Shop Expert E Fuel Filter Pliers. at the top; Suitable for many manufacturers such as VW Audi Group, Fiat, General Motors, Opel and Mercedes​. Automotive MM Fuel Filter Petrol Clip Pipe Hose Pliers Hand Tool Mercedes, See all condition definitions : Brand: : Unbranded, MM Fuel Filter Petrol. Taiwan Fuel Line Connector Plier-Find Details about Fuel, Plier, AUDI, FIAT, MERCEDES, Fuel Line Plier, BENZ, VAUXHALL, OPEL, VW, VOLKSWAGEN, ‧​For the removal and replacement of connections when replacing the fuel filter on a. Changing your fuel filter typically requires only some simple tools like wrenches, sockets, screwdrivers and pliers. Of course, the specific tools you'll need.