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1988 toyota celica convertible

1988 toyota celica convertible

Similar Automakers Toyota Celica Considered to be the perennial competitor to the Honda Prelude, the Toyota Celica is a I4-powered coupe introduced several years prior to the Prelude. Toyota Celica's have spanned the years as 1988 toyota celica convertible sports cars produced by the Japanese company Toyota in Through seven generations, the Celica has gone through numerous revisions and design advancements yet has continued to keep the original emphasize of styling and driving enjoyment.

Introduced by the company known for its dependability, reliability, and basic transportation felt bold enough to introduce their first sporty model. Following the release of the GT inthe Yamaha inspired vehicle was receiving enough acclaim to ensure success, and the Celica was introduced.

With the Japanese economy strengthening over the years, the desire to drive something thrilling and fun was enough of a push for the Japanese auto market. The first Celica STs arrived in America in and available only as a two-dour sport-coupe.

1988 toyota celica convertible

It was marked an immediate success with its 1. Only available in four-speed manual transmission, the following year a larger 18R-C engine replaced the original. The GT model was introduced inbringing a two-liter engine that would help power Celica's for the next 11 years.

In April of the Liftback was introduced for the Japanese market. It wasn't until in North America that a liftback model was released and 1988 toyota celica convertible only in GT trim. This new model came with a larger engine, and was marketed as a sport-touring type vehicle that offered more comfort and luggage capacity.

Released inproduction for the second generation Celica was begun in and was available in both Liftback and Coupe forms as well as both ST and GT trim levels. This new model offered more safety, economy and power than the models before. The main differences between the first and second generation Celica's was its increased dependability, safety, fuel economy and power.

In Japan, nearly 70 various models of 1988 toyota celica convertible generation Celica's were released and sold. The third generation was introduced in and showed a great change in styling. The first turbo in the Celica line was launched in Japan during September of The following year brought the addition of the GT-S model by Toyota in an attempt to recapture the sporty image that Celica had lost as the newer models grew larger and heavier with each production.

The GT-S included much larger wheels and tires, independent rear suspension, special seats inside the sports interior, fender flares, and much more.

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The most advanced and powerful of all Celica's, the Ultimate came with a turbocharged 2. The All-Trac model came with a ten-speaker sound system, power operated driver's seat and sunroof, and full leather interior.

The Ultimate was also the most expensive Celica yet. The All-Trac model was dropped inand for that year there was no convertible.

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These models came with revamped styling, advanced wheels, tires, and more importantly, increased power. The ST now came with a 1. Standard items in the Celica grew to include more luxury items including Anti-lock brakes. Sixth-generation Celica's were introduced in and transformed the image that had been portrayed for the past twenty years.

New standard safety features were added in the form of driver and passenger side airbags. CFC-free air conditioning was also a new standard feature.

Only available in ST and GT structure, the sixth-generation was available in either coupe or liftback form. The third generation convertible, inspired by the GT Coupe model, was launched in The Coupe model was discontinued in Optional side skirts that would improve its aerodynamic efficiency were added in along with a redesigned rear spoiler.

Another optional feature was the driving lights in the grille area, now fully redesigned.

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This feature was standard on GT models The decision to simplify the Celica ordering process was brought about by discontinuing the ST model in GT models were the only available Celica's, and came in a choice of Coupe, Liftback or Convertible and all included additional standard equipment.

The seventh generation Celica was introduced in and was complete with all-new avant-garde styling, aggressive attitude and impressive performance. The newest model featured plunging curves, lowered front fascia, sharp-edged panels and a longer wheelbase. This newest model closely resembled the XYR concept in everything except the front bumper and rear spoiler.

The GT-S model was powered by a new 1. This newest model generated horsepower at 7, rpm. It was available in either a six-speed transmission or four-speed automatic with sport-shift.

Toyota Project Genesis was an effort by Toyota to capture the younger U. Due to lack of sales and increased competition, the Celica and MR2 were discontinued at the end of the model year.

1988 toyota celica convertible

In Celica sales had decreased to 14, from 52, units sold in It was estimated in November of that for the model year, only 8, Celicas had been sold. July of was the end of the export of Celicas.

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