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Mercedes w124 300 ce lpg

Mercedes w124 300 ce lpg

However a member has referred to a boosted application.

So I feel obligated to clear up a few points for those who may consider boosting on LPG. Concerning boosted applications.

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The Impco mixer rates to only HP. I will be wanting This mixer is already much larger.

Impco do not have TB variable tuning abilities. Absolutely crucial when engine is under boost.

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Also a custom inlet manifold can be fabricated so LPG flows even to all cylinders. This I believe is the biggest obstacle with LPG mixer set up when turbocharging! GR are more difficult to tune initially then solid as! Hence the higher price tag.

AFR's will always be a challenge to correct with any LPG set up due to the fact that the inlet manifold is a wet application designed to carry wet fuel petrol when indeed LPG expects it to act as a dry manifold. This is where the main problem lies!!!

This is why I'm asking what is wrong with the GR set up??? Most Ford V8 members are happy with Impco set ups although some wonder whether they are as good as the GR gear.

All note the cheaper option being Impco. Here below is a few sound comments Fact is though that the fuel ratio or stoichiometry of propane to air has a FAR wider tolerance than octane Unleaded fuel and can withstand this lack of good metering well. Basically it depends on the car you have to what system you want to run.

The benefit of gas research is that you can replace a car's throttle body with the gas carby and have very little intake restriction, compared to some impco or other brand systems. I have a cfm gas research carby on it" Or do you just want for something different. I've personally never had any better power gains on SC applications as opposed to full on turbo set ups done right.

With mm of ground clearance, it is very good off the road too. It uses a six-speed travel. This rpm is also where the peak time of 47 hp is delivered. Peak swirl of 41 Nm comes up at rpm.

Turbocharging is far more flexible a set up imo. Under boost application. The variability of the GR system allows for consistent AFR mapping when engine is under boost which the Impco system doe not allow for.

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The balls up I faced with my car the hands of the ignorant I never want to happen to any other member if I can help it. At the risk of offending any particular person.

Cheers 8 "When the power of love overcomes the love of power, we will know peace" Jimi Hendrix.

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The W series is often referred to as 'the last real Mercedes', another My Mercedes-Benz CE was bought to conduct a couple of classic.