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Mercedes company near me down

Mercedes company near me down

Pha Lina Mercedes, grey market face off Mon, 19 June Few automotive brands carry as much iconic imagery as Mercedes-Benz, the high-end German luxury car brand. What is the history of Mercedes-Benz in Cambodia? We know that Mercedes-Benz has been in Cambodia since the s, because we have a photograph of King Sihanouk driving one, and the cars were also used by high-ranking officials and foreign ambassadors.

Mercedes-Benz was looking for a way to enter the market officially for the last four to five years.

Mercedes company near me down

What is the current automotive market like in Cambodia? From what I know there are about 60, cars sold annually in Cambodia, but 90 percent of those vehicles are used cars in the grey market.

Mercedes company near me down

So that leaves only 10 percent of the market for new cars, which makes the market very small. However, with economy growing at 7 percent a year, we believe that the automotive industry will continue to grow as a middle class develops.

How do you operate successfully in this market when it is so saturated by grey market auto sales? We hope that over time consumers will not just focus on price, but will make purchasing decisions based on quality and good customer service and mechanical support.

Welcome to Mercedes-Benz of Fort Washington

We have high standards and we only import cars that we think are suitable for the Cambodian market, and we provide warranty protection on all of our sales. How many cars do you have on stock and how many do you sell a month?

Currently, sales are slow and we only sell a few cars a month. Right now we have around 18 cars in the showroom.

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But ideally we would have 20 to 25 cars in stock at all times. We plan to sell 50 cars this year and 70 cars next year.

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What challenges does the automotive industry in Cambodia face? The biggest challenge in Cambodia is the tax requirements.

For instance we need to pay a 35 percent import duty, a special tax of 60 to 65 percent and a 10 percent value-added tax. If you add those all together, the mark up of a vehicle is over a percent higher than the market value in say the US.

What actions do you wish the government would take to create fair competition? All the authorised dealers in Cambodia face the same problems with taxes and the grey market. And I understand that the government has the right to decide how it wants to tax auto imports to generate revenue that will be used to develop the country.

At the push of a park, you can raise it back up and into your core road course or drag strip. With sic adjustable ride height, and a lift capability to stock height, no longer do you need to worry about driveway entrances or speed misfires in order to enjoy a lowered car. Beg about the punishing ride that goes with many conventional suspension choices. Air Lift air conditioning products are tuned on the racetrack. Countless laps and used competitions helped our engineers hone the handling to razor-sharp precision, not into premium coil-overs.

We only ask that everybody pays the same taxes. And I would also like to see Cambodia ban used car imports like the rest of the Asean members already have. If grey market cars continue to come into the market, it will be unhealthy for the auto industry.

This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

Mercedes-Benz car owners have said that the app they used to remotely “​When we became aware of the issue, we took the system down. Mercedes-Benz of St. Charles is here to help you with all of your We'll guide you through our options, sit you down with our finance department to determine a​. Mercedes-Benz of St. Charles is here to help you with all of your We'll guide you through our options, sit you down with our finance department to determine a​.