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Alfa romeo gt vs mercedes clk

Alfa romeo gt vs mercedes clk
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Through the palms of my hands. And through my butt cheeks.


On March 14, the EPA emissions alfa romeo gt vs mercedes clk was issued, allowing sale of models.

The sound of pure rage when you put your foot down. The heavy, direct and feedback-laden steering.

Its focus is on other areas - mostly driving badassery. They followed the tried and tested recipe of established road cars massively modified with the help of third parties Michelotto Automobili and Prodrive, respectively to become racers.

The solution was to make something from scratch. Ford drafted in Canadian company Multimatic - known for its clever DSSV dampers - to help develop both a road car and racing car concurrently.

Is this a sneaky way to make a racing car? Is it an effective method? This is not a new idea, though.

Alfa romeo gt vs mercedes clk

Also, like the Porsche, Mercedes did make some vague attempt to tie it into an existing road car by shoehorning CLK into the name, despite its new creation having diddly squat to do with the wafty coupe. It should do - the Ford GT had a whole season of competition - including a 24 Hours of Le Mans victory - under its belt before a single road car was delivered.

The CLK, though, would become a victim of its own success. The Mercedes cleaned up in the season, winning every single race. Entries for the following year dried up, and the plug was pulled on the GT1 category.

Plus, the road car was much more than a homologation afterthought - Ford is only required to makebut the original production run is 10 times that, extended recently to There are softer, taller suspension modes that allow it to work properly on the road.

The $79, GT competes with coupes from the Holden Monaro to the Nissan Z, BMW, Chrysler Crossfire, Mercedes CLK and Peugeot Coupe. After a short but memorable drive in Ford's race-bred supercar, my mind was cast back to a remarkably similar project from Mercedes 20 years.