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2013 mercedes c250 coupe mods

2013 mercedes c250 coupe mods

I must say it is very well build and full of high tech equipments. The C coupe is like a classy, elegant and pretty OL and everything is just oh so smooth and automatic.

She knows precisely what to do and will always give you a good time. All rides are good in their own ways and the best yet is of cos the C coupe.

Although many complain about the parametric steering wheel being too light but I actually love it. The ILS is brilliant; whenever you start the car at night, the headlight will sway left, right, top, down in a certain manner as though its dancing.

It has a slot that engages the 2013 mercedes c250 coupe mods shaft of the oil pump. I inserted one of the bolts into the dowel to ensure it didn't get bent or deformed, then wiggled it until it was freed from the 2013 mercedes c250 coupe mods cover.

The instrument cluster is so nice and modern. The interior is top-notch.

I love the coupe seats, very sexy and sporty. I use the pano roof more than my cc.

2013 mercedes c250 coupe mods

There is a wind deflector at the top front so that air will flow above you and not into the car. Hair will not get messy.

A non-intercooled TDi might make driving for more heavily laden Series vehicles - perhaps I will try hard one some time. You will still need a custom exhaust, and it would never be a good idea to retain the oil cooler, but the windscreen manifold plumbing will be a lot simpler.

The overall car shape is very stylo, modern, sporty and yet very classy still. Less thirsty than my Parking guidance with front and back bar meters a good feature. Comand online is surprisingly much better than I expected.

2013 mercedes c250 coupe mods

No speed limit warning notification. No gear change visual in auto mode.

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Dunno why but I like to see the gear change lay. Feel to be less power than my alfa although on paper C is better specs.

Back seat windows cannot wind down. Ok, now my mod to share.

I'm thinking ECM and exhaust options would be a good start? I have a C AMG line 2 Litre petrol and last year embarked on and money I realised the 4 cylinder turbo petrol Benz is engineered C Sport. AutoTecknic Carbon Fiber Spoiler Mercedes C C Class Coupe $ Eisenmann Exhaust 2xx77mm Oval Tips Mercedes W C C Mercedes Benz W C C C ARMYTRIX Best Aftermarket Upgrades Titanium & Stainless Steel Cat-Back Valvetronic Mufflers Downpipes Tips.