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Mercedes benz e500 coupe

Mercedes benz e500 coupe

Replacing the C Class-based CLK range of coupes, the new car is built on the larger new E Class Sedan platform, and while E Class componentry is used throughout, the new coupe is more compact than the sedan, being mm shorter, 68mm narrower and 73mm lower.

Despite being narrower, the coupe has more headroom than the sedan, offering a feel of spaciousness for front seat occupants. Space for the two rear seat occupants is a little more limiting with reduced head and legroom. But for such a pretty car, the restriction on rear passenger space is a compromise worth living with.

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When compared against its 4 door counterpart, the Coupe has been given a more aggressive frontal styling treatment, with the trademark Mercedes-Benz Coupe huge 3 pointed star taking centre stage in the bold 2 bar grille. Fuel consumption of And like every Mercedes, equipment and comfort levels haven't been skimped on either.

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The central controller adds to the numerous operating possibilities available on the multifunction steering wheel. Standard equipment includes a reversing camera, Keyless-go, luxury climatised front seats and a light package including variable distribution light system with bi-Xenon headlights.

A Watt Harman Kardon sound system with 12 speakers including a subwoofer automatically regulates the volume depending on the vehicle's speed. A huge array of safety features completes the extensive equipment package. This system operates with the aid of sensors that analyse driving behaviour, detecting any changes compared to the previously determined driver profile.

This is the Mercedes-Benz E Coupe! For power_slide the W Mercedes is not a complete new car because we’ve tested the E CDI 4 MATIC on our channel.

And a PRE-SAFE system recognises critical driving situations in advance and initiates preventative measures to protect the occupants, including moving the e500 coupes into mercedes benz more favourable position. Offering opulent luxury in 2 door coupe configuration, the E Coupe is a highly evolved machine.

Handling and performance are impressive and the music from the twin tailpipes playing the sweet tune of five and a half litres of V8 power make it a difficult decision whether or not to crank up the Harman Kardon sound system.

It's a car that's truly hard to fault. If there was one tiny criticism, it would be that everything is just too far evolved, requiring little input from the driver.

The Mercedes E Coupe's excellent suspension is just right for But anyway, the inside of this new E-Class is the polar opposite of that. MERCEDES' official explanation for turfing the CLK badge in favour of the new E-​Class Coupe moniker is to streamline the range. Some say it's. Auto Trader reviews the Mercedes-Benz E coupé AMG Sports. With power, luxury and refinement, the E Coupe makes a very good attempt at being all things to all people. It's one of our favourite Mercs of.