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Black mercedes hood ornament

Black mercedes hood ornament

That is true; your Mercedes E is perfectly capable of running just fine without that three-pointed star that is the traditional Mercedes hood ornament.

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However, if you have made the investment in a fine automobile, you want it to look as good as it runs - right? There are a lot of interesting stories out there about the "secret meaning" of the Mercedes emblem.

Some of them are pretty far out there, such as one that is about the company's plan for world domination.

Black mercedes hood ornament

While that story appeals to the tin foil had crowd who embrace conspiracy theories, it is true that Mercedes has long had the ambition of dominating the auto market - or at least the high-end, high performance segment of it. One thing that can be said for it: the Mercedes emblem has been around for a long time.

While many automakers have changed their logos often over the decades as they search for a brand identity that folks will remember, Mercedes is one of the few that has remained consistent.

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Mercedes Hood Ornament History The story of the Mercedes hood emblem flat out goes back more than years. It was in that Gottlieb Daimler sent a postcard to his then wife-to-be, marking the location of his home on a small map of Germany with a three-pointed star.

At that time, he said that one day, that star would shine over his factory, bringing wealth and prosperity.

Of course, it took awhile - but inGottlieb's sons, remembering that postcard, selected that three-pointed star as the company logo. Eventually, when the companies merged, those logos were merged as well to form the earliest version of the Mercedes logo we all know today.

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Is There a "Secret" Meaning? According to Mercedes Benz sources, the three-pronged star represents the company's ambition to dominate the motor market for land vehicles, aircraft and sea-going vessels. In that, they have been pretty successful over the years. If you need a new Mercedes Benz hood ornament, replacement cost is pretty reasonable.

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