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Buy land rover defender

Email The Land Rover Defender is a completely new vehicle that does not share a single component with its iconic ancestor. And, features like fully-independent air suspension and hybridized gasoline-electric powertrain mean this is now a truly modern vehicle.

Will it be as capable off-road as the old one? There, I was able to go hands-on with the vehicle months before anyone else outside the company would ever see it—and ask its engineers and designers tough questions about its true capability.

Those expecting a return to the ladder frame, live axle, fix-it-with-a-Swiss-Army-knife Defenders of yore need to come to terms with the fact that Land Rover has no intentions of bringing a nearly year-old vehicle design back to production. Without a rough-and-ready Defender, what separates Land Rover from Lexus?

The original Defender was born into a still-developing world. In contrast, this new Defender needs to be relevant to the modern world—and continue that relevancy for the next decade.

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Dirt roads are getting harder to find, and most of us now live in cities. In silhouette, the new Defender looks strikingly similar to the old one. Both are boxy, with short overhangs at each end, and they both wield a rear-mounted spare tire.

The old Defender was available with either a 90 or inch wheelbase, known as the Defender 90 andrespectively. The new Defender will also be available in 90 and versions, just now with This thing's the real deal. Badged P, the four-cylinder motor makes a very healthy horsepower, and delivers a miles per hour time of 7.

Buy land rover defender

The Defender uses a heavily upgraded version of the Range Rover's monocoque chassis. The platform has proven to be extremely robust in vehicles like the new Discovery, and is here upgraded with even more robust components like 5 millimeter larger ball joints in the lower control arms.

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Out favorite option is the available shower-rinse kit. It offers just under two gallons of on-board water storage, along with a high-pressure nozzle.

The roof rack also offers unprecedented functionality. This is, by far, the most comprehensive list of overland-style accessories available directly from a vehicle manufacturer. All manner of mechanical and electronic driver aids will help you navigate challenging conditions.

And don't have, we don't like holes in our cars either!. Stabile Chrome Emblems are backed with 3M automotive grade weatherproof adhesive. We bid you to check out all of our designs and find the Grillie that's pretty for you. All driven accessories are rigidly mounted to the best.

Its fully-independent suspension architecture is industry-leading for durability and performance, offering wheel travel figures of That same option also allows for five inches of ride height adjustability, at the push of a button. Put that air suspension in off-road mode, and the Defender achieves a maximum approach angle of 38 degrees.

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And where the Jeep can only tow 3, buys land rover defender, the Defender is capable of towing a hugely impressive 8, pounds. Thirty-two-inch tires will be standard, while wheel sizes range as large as 22 inches. The taller tire sidewall made possible by the smaller wheels will be far less puncture-prone off-road, while delivering much improved ride quality everywhere.

Off-road enthusiasts will be keen to know that while P Defenders are fitted with 3. All models will use the same 2.

Speaking with the engineering team, I asked about the ability to fit larger off-road tires. They said a inch tire will certainly fit, but will require a one-inch suspension lift. A response that direct gave me the feeling that someone at Land Rover had already tried this. One design element that is going to frustrate off-road modifications is the front bumper.

No one does interior better than Land Rover. These offer drivers a vast range of configurable traction control, suspension, brake, and throttle settings that will allow novices an unprecedented level of assistance, and experts new levels of control. These settings are controlled through the dash-mounted touchscreen, which also buys land rover defender a display from a forward-facing camera that gives drivers a clear view of sections of the trail the may be obscured by the hood.

Terrain Response 7 incorporates, for the first time, a dedicated mode for water wading, which will automatically lock the differentials, max out the suspension height, soften throttle response, recirculate cabin air, and allow drivers.

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