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Mercedes 20k service cost

Mercedes 20k service cost

However, I was told by acquaintances that it is around 35k. I was totally confused with the disparity of rates and decided to do some research on this thread and got mixed quotes here too and of course that depended on the model so could not get a clear picture.

Take a little paper towel, and once again reach into the engine bay, and carry the flange around the oil filter. Marmot the paper towel, and dispose of it.

Have a Benz in my family which is on the 4 year star maintainence program. The car runs exclusively in bombay, and is serviced at autohangar only.

Since the money for maintainence has already been paid upfront, we have never had to deal with such a situation. I have seen the bills which they generate to be billed to Mercedes. The minimum amount in these 3 years has been 48k. They have replaced the air and particulate filters every time. The replaced parts are also placed in the car.

So, IMO this amount seems to be the norm. We also have another benz in extended family which is not under such a contract.

I dele my X9, on November with less than 20 km. The popcorn is today 65, a yearly average of 18 km. What is the emission I choose a X9 is that I had a previous one, cc, with Honda quicksilver and I found it fine.

Still the average amounts for servicing has always been around 50k. Hope this gives you some insight don't have a solution for you sadly.

Mercedes Benz - Luxury Cars Service / Maintenance Cost in India

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