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C43 vs c63 convertible

C43 vs c63 convertible

To find out, we have both here in one place.

Oh, and a C63 S too, just for good measure. At a time when fast estates are being passed over in favour of big, bulky fast SUVs, its pleasing that Mercedes has three different brisk wagons just for one segment.

Don't know if they work, but I have them. I also have a good, but it's made for R It, however, can be placed to Ra by adding a larger expansion valve.

It makes the most sense to start with the entry point of the AMG C range. The all-wheel drive system is supposed to have a hefty bias towards the rear wheels, but it never seems to play out that way.

Weirdly, the sound from the bhp 4. The C43 may be quick, but the C63 is fast.

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Traction is, predictably, a bit of an issue in this rear-wheel drive machine, the stability control icon flickering wildly each time I apply anything over about one-third throttle. The 63 continues to assert its dominance when you show it a wiggly bit of road.

Here, the turn-in is keener, the body roll much less pronounced, and the rear axle much more mobile. It all acts as a statement of intent. It turns out to be a good call - in Race, the C63 S has even more bite.

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It takes on an almost vicious pointiness that requires maximum attention from you as a driver. It does still, however, leave an electronic safety net to stop things getting too out of hand.

C43 vs c63 convertible

Even with that in mind, though, the C63 S is a hilarious, engaging, thrilling thing to drive quickly. Which leaves me worried about the poor C43 as I jump in for one final drive.

When the power was c43 vs c63 convertible on via the switch the motor would run.

Sure enough, its twin-turbo suddenly seems a little flat in the mid-range. The auto gearbox - although still something that leaves you pining for a DCT in the V8 cars - is more sluggish too, with a noticeable pause between the paddle being pulled and the gear actually being engaged.


Fuel injected with a 4 speed automatic and AC with c43 vs c63 convertible 2, miles on it.

Far from it - the C43 merely offers a slightly watered-down but still potent version of the AMG cocktail. A similar kind of fun, but with less of a hangover. The AMG C hierarchy fits together very nicely.

The C43 may have worked its way under my skin in the last few months, but even so, my answer is simple: go V8 or go home.

Loeber Motors is a Mercedes-Benz dealership located near Lincolnwood Illinois. We're here to help with any automotive needs you may have. The Mercedes-AMG C63 comes with power that can only be fully realized on the track. The $56, AMG C43 does not dedicate an engineer to the $84, C63S sedan; $77, C63 coupe; $85, C63 cabriolet.