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Mercedes s400 hybrid akku

Mercedes s400 hybrid akku

The S Hybrid uses a parallel mild hybrid system with a small 15 kW e-motor connected to the crankshaft between the motor and transmission, along with a Lithium-ion battery pack for energy storage, power electronics and a complement of electrified auximilary systems.

Combined torque curve for the S hybrid.

The 42T version dulled that mercedes s400 hybrid akku.

The high torque of the e-motor at low speeds offsets the reduction in low-end torque resulting from applying the Atkinson cycle to the combustion engine. Moving to a more powerful e-motor increased the weight of the hybrid system and decreased the fuel consumption.

Furthermore, at a higher electrical to combustion power ratio, the e-motor operates increasingly in less favorable areas of the performance map as maximum requirements increase. The power electronics—from Continental—comprise a control unit which acts as the master of the E-drive system and a power unit that converts the direct current generated by the battery.

The power electronics can cope with continuous currents of A, and short-term as high as A. Power is supplied to the e-motor by a bus bar. The power electronics are situated in the engine compartment in the location of the conventional starter motor and are cooled by a separate circuit.

The S hybrid battery pack. Lithium-ion battery pack.


Far easier is to use a radiator from an E36 M3, or mercedes s400 hybrid akku a Z3 radiator.

The battery is connected to the vehicle air conditioning circuit so it can be cooled independent from the engine. Cut-off valves are integrated into the system that allows the customer to switchoff the air conditioning without interrupting battery cooling.

Mercedes s400 hybrid akku

When providing support for load-point shifting, the operating strategy only allows shallow discharge cycle of the Li-ion battery to maintain the cycle strength. This contributes to the year expected service life.

Mercedes s400 hybrid akku

Last week Business Insider launched an exclusive sneak peek at the Mercedes-​Benz S HYBRID Sedan. One of the features we're totally. Mercedes-Benz S Hybrid Review: Comprehensive Because it's a 'mild' hybrid, the Benz doesn't drive on the battery power. eBay. . !