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The table below lists most of the gearbox types, alaong with all their ratios. Also shown in the right hand columns are the revs the engine will be doing in top gear at a range of different speeds.

The missing pieces are all engine related and are not obtainable as they are shared with 68 coupe. The one tough item is the exhaust tips.

This makes it easier to see the affect the varying ratios have on rpm.

On solid color cars Fury Body Sweep is white, or harmonizes with the interior trim. I'm assuming that in addition to the two-tone schemes, solid schemes could be had in the above colors.

I will see when i pick up the car brokerage. I thought to post this as a record for anyone else out there who may have this description, but are being given the run around. After a change in replacement at my dealer, they obviously now have more sophisticated staff who not only will acknowledge the issue but also know how to fix it. Mine was bad at 30k kms after bitching and moaning for the past 15, kms. The darkening was absolutely shocking.

At Last! My TVR Tuscan S Review - Eccentric Brilliance, or Just Mad?