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Mercedes f 015 luxury in motion cost

Mercedes f 015 luxury in motion cost

The next combines the on-board generation of electricity with a particularly powerful and compact high-voltage battery that can be charged wirelessly via induction. Pressure tanks made from CFRP store the hydrogen in the concept car.

The exterior finish of this rust-free car has a car-like finish and is virtually free of any imperfections. Newer tires with simply no wear ensure a comfortable ride.

The electric hybrid system has a total range of kilometers milesof which some kilometers miles are courtesy of battery-powered driving and around kilometers miles from the electricity produced in the fuel cell. Spatially efficient, versatile and intelligently connected, the Vision Tokyo—which is also capable of driving autonomously—embodies the concept of an automotive lounge for a future generation of megacities, said Gorden Wagener, Head of Design at Daimler AG.

The Vision Tokyo is a homage to the urban Generation Z, the cohort of people born since who have grown up with the new media.

The interior is a two tone as well which was never came in the US to my knowledge. Seats are being with minimal wear on the drivers bolster, and the end and panels are in excellent shape. One area near the HUD has been maximized previously on the dash. Power windows work nice, as does the hard and power folding mirrors.

The role of the vehicle has changed for this global generation, said Mercedes: the vehicle is no longer simply a means of getting around, but a digital, automobile companion.

The Vision Tokyo features innovative algorithms that allow it to evolve constantly; Deep Machine Learning and an intelligent Predictive Engine mean that, with each journey, it becomes more and more familiar with its occupants, their likes and preferences.

These proportions are emphasized by the monochrome Alubeam paintwork and by side windows screen-printed in the color of the vehicle.

Surfaces and lines illuminated in blue—among them the inch wheels and the side skirts—provide unexpected color highlights and are indicative of the concept car's emission-free electric drive system. A pointer to the potential for autonomous operation and the comprehensive system of vehicle environment sensors that this requires, including a degree camera, is provided by the fin on the vehicle roof.

Passengers take their seats on a large, oval-shaped couch. This unique lounge-style arrangement allows everyone on board to enjoy the benefits of autonomous driving. The steering wheel, too, is then moved from its standby position into driving position.

Recommended for monitors with high resolution of x pixels or less. If you do not like the topic, you can cancel your 3,7 5, 3 . Who is behind the wheel of Mercedes' self-driving car? 'Future car' causes a stir afterF Luxury In Motion was cruising around San Francisco on WednesdayBoasts futuristic silver exterior, luxury 'lounge area' and projection systemThe F Luxury In Motion, first unveiled at a consumer show in January, was.

Mercedes-Benz F 015 Luxury in Motion concept Interior Design

Obviously, since this is a concept car developed to preview a number of technologies whose R&D. This shiny hunk of metal is the F "Luxury in Motion" concept. It's Mercedes-​Benz's vision of the future in which streets are shared by all and. A vision of the future, the F Luxury in Motion is a research vehicle designed as an autonomous car, inventing new possibilities in vehicle design, packaging and connectivity.​ Unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show, the F demonstrates Mercedes-Benz innovation in the. s of vehicles to choose from! The best deals in Muskogee.