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Mercedes c180 timing chain failure

Mercedes c180 timing chain failure Mercedes c180 timing chain failure

It is a C Compressor. It has been regularly serviced at Mercedes agents and nothing unusual was picked up.

It has on the clock. While driving yesterday it gradually slowed down and abruptly stopped and switched off.

The engine note is only complaint if it is unique and you can get that engine in a base audi r8. Thread is only magnified in the Pista. Lambo for the win, all day long.

I tried starting it and it refused to start. I phoned a breakdown vehicle and it was taken on a flat-bed truck to a Merc Specialist.

He checked it out with his equipment and told me that non of the cylinders are firing. He opened up a plugg and to his and my surprise it was fragmented.

Mercedes Benz C class timing chain failure W In this video we show a brief review of a W Mercedes C Kompressor that has experienced a timing chainsprockettensioner failure to the point of the engine jumping time and causing the.

He told me that he had to open up the head to see inside. The next day I almost collapsed on seeing the damage.

I was told the timing chain was stretched and the valves and engine block were damaged. The cost to repair this and the engineers cost will be R This is an astromical cost for my pocket. Is this a common problem on mercedes. I was surfing the net and I found that this is a common problem with mercs.

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Why does mercedes not just inform drivers that this chain needs to be checked or replaced after certain kilometers. Does this chain only last for kms.

Why was this problem not picked up when it was services regularly. Does their machine NOT pick up a problem of this nature.

Mercedes c180 timing chain failure

My next car will definately not be a Merc!

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