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Mercedes benz lug nut socket

Mercedes benz lug nut socket

April 26, You can't beat the price for this socket. I felt that the flower bolts had a specific key, and the OEM 17mm wrench stripped the flower cap off only to reveal a 16mm flower bolt The socket really grabs on to the flower bolt nice and secure. It struggled removing the bolts that were previously stripped with a 17mm socket but I carefully tapped in on with a hammer to help it grab the bolt.

Feels nice and durable. Only time will tell on it's durability but it's doing it's job so far.

Excellent special purpose tool for specific lug bolts January 29, If your lug bolts look like the photo Mercedes Part No. A 17mm socket will work, but it won't work well, and it may damage the heads of the lug bolts.

There's a general misunderstanding that a special tool is needed for these lug bolts -- a MB dealer told me that there is no special tool while he had the lug bolts in his handbut he's clearly wrong -- and this misunderstanding might be prevalent.

It's also worth knowing that Febi part number or maybe is an acceptable replacement for MB After I had my lugs head stripped by tire shop people trying to use a 17mm standard socked in combination with a hammer lol I learned my lesson.

Interesting enough is that even the car was factory equipped with the wrong tool in case of a flat I'm talking about the few tools that comes in the trunk next to the jack and spare tire - don't understand why!

Be aware and check your lugs head since this apply to other newer Mercedes!

The product arrived earlier than the estimated date. Simply put the customer service and socket result in a five star rating.

Mercedes benz lug nut socket: what socket size for lug nuts

Must have tool if you swap out Winter - Summer tires on your European vehicle. April 7, Bought this for my Mercedes ML after the tire shop stripped several of the lug bolts. I live in Wisconsin so each Spring and Fall, I must change out my winter tires.

The socket I s well made and works perfectly.

Mercedes benz lug nut socket

Many tire shops do not have this tool and will try and use a 17mm socket. Doing so can cause stripping of the lug bolt head. I will keep this in the car with the spare tire so it is always available.

Especially in case of a flat or tire damage. Ordering was easy and shipping was prompt. Socket is tough enough for an impact wrench. It's long enough to reach deeper seated lugs. However, It ended up being a very tight fit on the lugs. Most had to be hammered in lightly to get enough purchase on the lugs. Whenever I would come across the Mercedes star lugnuts I would have no choice but to use a regular 17mm since that's all we have.

I hated the idea of ruining the heads of the bolts. So I decided to buy my own.

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It's a perfect fit so long as the head of the lugnut hasn't already been damaged from using the wrong socket too many times. I love that the socket is coated. It really makes a difference and doesn't scratch the rims like uncoated impact sockets.

A must have for your Mercedes-Benz toolkit July 12, This socket arrived quickly, looks exactly as it does in the description, and worked perfectly. I was glad to have ordered it, allowing me to avoid potentially scarring up my wheels while also using a torque wrench to ensure the lug bolts had been tightened properly.

Highly recommend to any Mercedes or applicable owner! I'm not sure I would want someone I'm not sure I would want someone using an air-wrench on it but that's a minor detail.

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