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Mercedes benz a class wireless charging

Mercedes benz a class wireless charging

Mercedes wireless charging car system will launch in Chris Davies - Jul 19,am CDT 2 Mercedes-Benz plans to launch its first wireless charging system for its electrified cars inaiming to cut out a lingering headache for plug-in EV owners. The system relies on inductive charging, much in the same way that wireless charging pads are available for smartphones, only with much higher power levels involved.

A pad is placed on the floor of the garage or driveway, which transmits power to a receiver plate mounted on the underside of the vehicle.

Mercedes has been working on the inductive charging technology for some years now, in collaboration with BMW. The automaker has also worked with Qualcomm on similar systems. The goal is to reduce the requirement for electric car and electrified plug-in hybrid owners to have to remember to actually put their vehicle back on charge when they get to their home or office.

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That will mean a full charge will take longer, though the assumption is that owners will find any frustration there offset by the ease by which the charging itself takes place. Audi, for instance, is also known to be exploring wireless charging for its upcoming models.

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