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Mercedes c230 kompressor stance

Mercedes c230 kompressor stance

His vision for Midnight Kompressor includes large carbon fiber enhancements and chrome details. All of these themes are carried throughout the car and strike a classy balance.

In the end, Midnight Kompressor's modifications are brought together with the smallest modifications. Below is a complete list of all modifications that Keith has done to Midnight Kompressor. It includes the very small additions like Mercedes-Benz logo valve stem caps and Mercedes logo windshield wipers as well as the staggered rims and custom trunk additions.

Together, these modifications let Midnight Kompressor stand alone. Scroll over the pictures below to enlarge them.

Mercedes c230 kompressor stance

The set he decided on are staggered to fit the large front calipers and allow the vehicle to have more stance in the back with a 1 inch lip. They are silver with a polished aluminum lip.

They add some bass to an otherwise good stock system. They are as wide as you can go on a Mercedes-Benz C Class without rubbing. No modifications were made to the car. They work in conjunction with the DVD player that is hidden under the passenger seat. Black Headlight Rings The black headlight rings were installed to darken the front of the car, the headlights have are quite large and the rings help them to blend in to the rest of the black paint.

They are made by Innovatek as well.

Carbon Fiber Center Caps The carbon fiber center caps are custom made to match the rest of the carbon fiber theme of Midnight Kompressor. They are a nice complement to the lighter color of the rims. Chrome Door Lock Pins The original set of door pins were black and did not recess down into the mercedes c230 kompressor stance frame all the way. They were uncomfortable and looked out of place. This set of chrome door pins go with the other accents inside the car and hide away when the door is locked.

It is bolted onto the bottom of the bumper for safety and gives the front of the car a custom look.

Engineers of Aprilia has indulged many racing drivers in this scooter which have changed the mercedes c230 kompressor connecter of Indian two-wheeler industry. Engine The mill that gives SR is the same It churns out the same But the conventional design of Aprilia make it feels even lighter and agile. It uses a Fantastic Variable Transmission for super smooth drive with help of dry flaky clutch. A tubular chassis with open single cradle protects the engine and other relevant components.

Custom Fiberglass Speaker Enclosure The custom fiberglass box that houses the subs was made it fit under the rear deck of the car. It gives the trunk some style and looks like it was made for the car.

It is finished in a silver metallic paint and has a Mercedes logo printed on it. Carbon Fiber Mirror Covers The carbon fiber mirror covers blend nicely with the rest of the carbon fiber accents and dress up the plain black mirrors.

They also allow the stock mirror blinkers to shine and draw attention to another piece of the car. It fits nicely into the trunk recess and shows when the trunk is open.

The Mercedes emblem lights up red at night. Carbon Fiber Pillar Posts The carbon fiber pillar posts were custom cut and made to cover all six of the pillars on the car. They are dipped in epoxy to give them a smooth shine and beveled edge. They complement the rest of the carbon fiber pieces on the car.

Both these items are a must for long trips. Carbon Fiber Quad Rear Diffuser The carbon fiber quad rear diffuser brings a touch of carbon fiber to the lower rear portion of Midnight Kompressor.

It frames the custom quad AMG exhaust tips and pulls the entire rear of the car together. The radio had to be customized to allow the iPod to play through the stock speakers. No small feat in a Mercedes-Benz. Carbon Fiber Roof Wing The mercedes c230 kompressor stance fiber roof wing gives Midnight Kompressor a sleek look and continues the aggressive roof line onto the back window.

This piece had to be custom made to accommodate the cell phone antenna that is built into the rear window. The wing is glued on for extra security. It offers directional alerts which help you identify where the radar is coming from.

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Midnight Kompressor was wired to have the radar detector come on whenever the car is turned on, no cigarette.