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Mercedes benz maybach cabriolet 6

Mercedes benz maybach cabriolet 6

Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 Cabriolet: Ultimate luxury of the future. August Automotive haute couture. The Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 Cabriolet is a car which, with its sensual, emotionally appealing design and innovative technical concept solutions, defines the ultimate in luxury of the future.

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At the same time the two-seater model pays homage to the glorious automotive haute couture of hand-finished, exclusive cabriolets. The glamorous cabriolet reinterprets classic, emotional design principles in an extravagant way and combines intelligent beauty with classic, aesthetic proportions and a reduced, technoid appearance — a perfect embodiment of the design philosophy of Sensual Purity.

Breathtaking proportions. Measuring almost six metres in length, the Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 Cabriolet incorporates the classic proportions of art deco design with its extremely long bonnet and puristic, flowing lines, and at the same time completely reinterprets these aesthetic principles.

This benefits the interpretation of the Mercedes-Maybach radiator grille, which with its fine, vertical struts accentuates the front end. The grille was inspired by a pinstriped suit.

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Crystal white high-quality nappa leather creates an exciting contrast to the dark paint finish. The custom-made fabric top with interwoven rose gold threads has been perfectly coordinated with the look of the vehicle. The generous, flowing design idiom brings exterior and interior together in a holistic design.

The formal flow of the areas from the rear into the interior gives rise to a typical yacht feeling. All display elements are integrated into the continuous glass trim part.

By way of contrast, classic round dials are positioned prominently. As a classic borrowing from aviation, three air vents are positioned beneath the wing which appear to float like engines.

Luxury experience of the highest order. In addition to the flowing contours, the material composition produces a luxury experience of the highest order. Here, too, the interplay of the contrasts is both hot and cool. In this luxury technique, familiar among other things from Chesterfield furniture, the leather is put into folds in a diamond pattern and secured to the frame with buttons.

Futuristic interpretation of traditional seat upholstery.

Mercedes benz maybach cabriolet 6: revelation of luxury: vision mercedes-maybach 6 cabriolet.

In the case of the Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 Cabriolet, this traditional seat upholstery boasts a futuristic interpretation: each individual button of the quilting depicts a delicate Mercedes star, backlit in blue. The open-pore wood floor with inlaid aluminium underscores the lounge sensation and the connection to yachting. The wow effect: visionary show cars.

Mercedes benz maybach cabriolet 6

With its generous dimensions, the Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 Cabriolet continues the series of visionary design show cars from Mercedes-Benz. So far these include the Vision Ener-G?

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Like its predecessors, of which some 13, examples mercedes benz maybach cabriolet 6 built in two generations, the 3rd-generation M3 convertible radiates its own presence like no other automobile in the world. Of mercedes benz maybach cabriolet 6 the M3 convertible shares with its coupe stablemate all the typical M qualities, from the new high-rpm, hp engine through the skillfully calibrated M sport suspension and upgraded brakes to the design elements one expects of a thoroughbred M Car.

Thanks to the global nature of the Mercedes-Benz Design function, these concept vehicles take cues from local trends in design, culture and mobility and make these the focal point of the respective mobility concept.

At the same time, these show cars are looking far into the future.

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Mercedes-Maybach 6 Cabriolet reviewed - British GQ

Mercedes-Benz's latest convertible concept says "no" to a depressing, commoditized future. At a private estate on Pebble Beach Golf Course in Carmel, California, Mercedes​-Benz unveiled its latest concept car on Saturday night: the. Poster of Mercedes-Benz Vision Maybach 6 Cabriolet Concept ID​; Size: from 4x6 to 23x33 inch; Media: Canvas, Glossy, Semiglossy, Matte. Mercedes-Benz's latest convertible concept says "no" to a depressing, commoditized future.