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Mercedes cls 350 new model

Mercedes cls 350 new model

The CLS broke new ground by fusing the comfort and functionality of a sedan with the elegance and dynamism of a coupe.

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Qmotor offers you the new Mercedes CLS characteristics with its exterior and interior design and price. CLS reasserts its credentials as a design icon as it becomes the first Mercedes-Benz model to embrace the design philosophy of sensual purity.

It has a distinctive exterior design with a single-line front fascia surrounded by a slanting LED headlight.

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CLS has a curved roof and side mirrors mounted on the side. The CLS comes as a brilliant alternative to the E-Class models shared by the same platform to reflect the high distinctive design language of Benz.


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Interior Design: The crafted interior design of the CLS impresses with distinctive sporty character and amazing color combinations to give a graceful impression. A high-resolution Widescreen cockpit will be available for with two The central panel glittering with high-gloss wood parts, allows the driver to adjust information content to suit their needs and driving case.

While the new CLS seats are uniquely designed with high-quality channels or transverse spaces.

The rear seats also have the same front seats, giving an attractive sport feel to the individual seat, despite the CLS coupe has five seats for the first time.