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Audi a4 convertible manually open roof

Audi a4 convertible manually open roof

Piet wrote: Tony, modern fuel injection cars seem to have return line going back to the tank. The pump feeds a lot of fuel but hslf of it ends up where it had.

The resulting low voltage may then trigger a problem which could make you think there is more involved than just low voltage making the system unhappy. Going by other threads posted here, low system voltage can make Sprinter modules unhappy and in the case of the SKREEM may contribute to failures.

Personally I would replace a battery that is over 5 years old.

I base that on this: I always applied a "replace the battery every 5 years" personal rule. My logic is that you may very well get 6 7.

With the engine not running, but the extra being powered, full current flowed through the gauge, which it was not only to handle. In addition to this, the oil rod which bends when heated by the wire, had bent all the way to one side, snipping it to the point that the gauge would not read accurately, even when the wire was explained. The photo on the right shows the design new gauge internals. My conclusion is that the sun oil pressure gauge is worthless and I highly recommend ordering it for a more accurate aftermarket gauge. Interestingly, the other formalities, such as the temperature and gas gauge are of a more solid, coil wire design and are more reliable and accurate.

Got a an 08 A4 cabriolet with a roof that doesn't want to go up or down. roof won't move you'll need to open then close it manually to reset it.