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Mercedes benz inchcape offers

Mercedes benz inchcape offers

I totally did not realise Inchape was mercedes liverpool when I wrote this. So clearly with the issues you can see from my previous feedback relating to my CLS. Now I have the following issues read below in Mercedes Liverpool.

I have run Michellin PS2 and they are an appealing tyre on par with these Continentals. Dry and wet Grip are not much the best you can get and they hold the road ahead well. I am happy with the 25k wear I got out of these problems too. Would definately buy these tyres again.

I suspect a trend is happening here. Both warrington and liverpool are your sites Visit to Inchape Liverpool Mercedes. I thought Mercedes stands for quality and distinction.

An experience that would be better than other competitors. Sadly we have both been wrong. Visited Mercedes Liverpool today to change the battery in our Key Fobs.

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We telephoned before we left home and the Part Department staff member advised he would change the batteries for us. When we arrived, we talked to the parts department and the gentleman who served us was mercedes benz inchcape offer, warm, welcoming and helpful.

Less than 5 minutes we had our key fob batteries changed. We then visited reception and asked about the My Mercedes App. We wanted to know how to activate the app so we may connect our phones to the car. We let the receptionist know our registration and she told us to take a seat. We helped ourselves to a hot drink, a lot of staff about and no one offered us a drink. We decided to use the toilet, which was completely filthy. I have never been in any Mercedes Dealership and had toilets as filthy as this.

Used hand paper towel in the toilet not flushed. Sink worktop soaked, bin looked unclean half open with paper towel hanging out. Mirrors opposite the tired sinks damaged. If this dealership can NOT manage it's own toilets, then how on earth can it manage the service or public requirements? In total we waited around I would think about 15 minutes and still NO service staff to help assist us.

I became frustrated when looking around at all the staff on the ground floor and no one helping us, yet keeping us waiting. I walked over to reception and when the lady finished her call, she talked to me.

I explained we have been waiting almost 20 minutes by this time.

The receptionist said she would have thought someone would have been out to speak to us. What's also more frustrating the service area staff can see you mercedes benz inchcape offer in the seeting area. I asked the receptionist for the Service Desk number and told her I would try calling from the car.

When arriving to the car we called the number provided this was reception number and asked to be put though, the phone rang and rang and rang with no answer.

Mercedes benz inchcape offers - new local business development executive for the mercedes-benz

We hung up and called back two more times and on the third time we go though to service. The service gentleman told me in less than 1 minute what to do.

This was helpful and we had the answer. Frustratingly I told reception I wanted to complain after speaking to service and no details taken, no support provided, no call back from the dealership. This again was poor service. I decided to provide the Parent Company with a complaint. In summary very unhappy with Liverpool Mercedes.

Clearly badly Managed and since we purchase a CLS from them and E Class from another dealer the comparisons are worlds apart. Mercedes Stockport truly amazing. Toilets spotless with lovely smelling hand soap, clean, tidy and helpful staff when we visit.

The roadside assistance YOU really NEED for your Mercedes-Benz.

Stockport Mercedes clearly managed well. I really dont think we will return to liverpool and sadly Warrington as they are both Inchape. Now we will have to travel to stockport for our car service and needs going forward.

I didnt get the sence Inchape took our complaint serious. Head Office didnt bother taking our name, contact information, just told us they mercedes benz inchcape offer review their processes and address issues. I would have thought informal complain would had needed our details.

Shame, as I know Mercedes as a business take their customer care seriously. We were disappointed to learn of your experience and, as advised in our telephone conversation, your concerns were raised with the Senior Management Team on site.

Mercedes benz inchcape offers

Please be assured we are using your.

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