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1978 mercedes 450sl timing chain replacement

1978 mercedes 450sl timing chain replacement 1978 mercedes 450sl timing chain replacement

Remove any component to provide more room Performance Gain: Access to guides and rails as well as chain Complementary Modification: Replace chain tensioner, tensioner rail, and cam sprocket Click here to order! One would think that when the engine is at speed there is a higher incidence of wear and eventual failure.

This isn't necessarily true in the case of certain components, namely the timing chain. Chains, sprockets, gears and even bearings experience the most wear upon startup. The timing chain and the various components guide rails, tensioning rail, chain tensioner wear out aftermiles and should be replaced.

The sprockets should also be replaced.


The chains can stretch but they also wear. As each rolling element of the link begins to experience wear it sets up for increased vibration and movement of the chain links and pins against the sprocket surface.

As many teeth as the sprocket has, the chain has many more links.

The sprocket surface wears down contributing to more movement as the chain passes over the sprocket surfaces. This creates an even greater opportunity for chain breakage. The SL engine was considered robust yet like so many engines, there are issues that must be addressed.

The engines can accumulate enormous mileage given proper maintenance and with careful attention to the timing chain health. A chain or chain guide problem is the usual culprit that will destroy these engines.

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This issue is not exclusive to the SL but crosses all engine technology that uses timing chains. Timing belts are far more susceptible to breaking but chains can stretch leading to other issues.

Replacing the Timing Chain - 1978 mercedes 450sl timing chain replacement

In many examples there are unacceptable degrees of chain slack and worn or broken guides. These need to be replaced. Neglecting the chain can lead to catastrophic results. The usual scenario involves a broken guide being dragged up the chain and wedging between the cam gear leading to chain slippage or breakage. This will allow the pistons to contact valve heads. In the early days, the condition intensified due in part to Mercedes wanting to lighten the valve train, as M-B reduced the timing chain width by about half with the introduction of the SL.

This design flaw increased the failure rate of the chains, which had a direct impact on warranty.

Mercedes phased the double width timing chain back. Replacing the chain can be done so with greater ease if the timing chain cover is removed. Many folks claim the only way to completely remove the cover is to pull the engine.

This may not be the case.

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It is stated in the service manuals that the oil pan has to be loosened in order for the cover to be completely removed. While this may be the case, for the purposes of this article, the timing chain will be replaced without taking off the cover.

In order to change the timing chain, all the components in front will have to be removed. Please refer to these articles should you need assistance.

Also, the distributor should be set at top dead center TDC and marked. This is needed when you put everything back together. The distributor was also removed earlier. The valve cover will have to be removed as well. In order to do that you will have to remove the air box. Refer to the valve cover removal article for help on how to do that project. Before you actually change the chain, it's a good idea to see just how much it has stretched. As long as you're at it, look to change the valve cover head gasket.

It's a simple change and inexpensive. Another thing to consider is the camshaft oiler tubes. They have plastic connectors that will need to be replaced.

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These get brittle with time, and if they fail it will have a dramatic effect on the cam. These tubes provide the cams with a continual oil bath to the cam surface. Replacing the chain guide rails is also a very good idea if you haven't done so.

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I suggest that you replace these prior to the chain replacement.

Why a Mercedes V8 Timing Chain Needs Replacement + A Few Safety Tips

78 sl chain tensioner replacement HELP!! SL. Joined Jul 8 It did show new timing chain and guides and a bunch of other stuff.