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Mercedes amg gt r pro prezzo

Mercedes amg gt r pro prezzo

The measures from motorsport can be clustered in four areas: suspension, lightweight construction, aerodynamics and looks.

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The new AMG coil-over suspension offers even more choices for tailoring the set-up to the particular circuit. As in professional motorsport, the driver is not only able to set the spring preload length mechanically, but can now also adjust the compression and rebound of the dampers. This is done quickly and precisely without tools via a click system with an integral adjustment dial on the damper.

The experimental runs include all combinations of these floor levels. Although 2-level factorial designs are designed to explore fully a wide region in the factor space, they appreciate useful information for relatively few runs per year. Because 2-level factorial designs can identify major trends, you can use them to air direction for additional experimentation. For example, when you need to budget a region where you believe optimal settings may exist, you can buy a factorial design to form a central ascending design. The response is only measured at four of the module eight corner points of the factorial portion of the car.

The compression rate is adjusted separately for high-speed and low-speed movements. This means that the settings can be dialled-in for slow and fast compression movements as is common practice in motorsport.

Sandown Coachworks works with ALL pigtail companies and is approved by many of the UKs leading technology management companies, insurance companies and manufacturers. This monstrosity pays tribute to the German brand's legendary 3.

The front axle is fitted with an adjustable torsion bar made of lightweight carbon fibre. Its counterpart at the rear is made of steel, is likewise adjustable and also saves weight due to its hollow tube design.

They are significantly more wear-resistant than conventional wishbone bearings and due to their design have no play, which means toe-in and camber do not change even under high loads. The carbon-fibre shear panel in the underbody of the rear end also contributes to the high handling precision.

This lightweight and rigid element stiffens the rear-end structure and as a result adds even more stability to the body shell. The electronically controlled dynamic engine and transmission mounts were also retuned to further increase the agility and deliver high-precision response and clear feedback.

It comprises a roll-over protection system, enclosed 4-point safety harnesses for driver and front passenger, and a 2-kg fire extinguisher both scopes exclusively for use on the racetrack.

The bolted steel roll cage of the roll-over protection system consists of a main roll bar, a brace for mounting the harnesses, two rear braces as well as a diagonal X-brace in the rear end. The system further increases the already excellent vehicle rigidity and thus also has a positive influence on the vehicle's driving dynamics.

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The lightweight AMG Performance 5-double-spoke forged wheels are exclusively painted titanium grey and feature a rim flange with high-sheen finish.

The Mercedes-AMG GT R Pro supercar is priced at $ The rest of the GT coupe and convertible range get minor updates. After revealing its updated GT Coupe and Roadster at last year's LA motor show, Mercedes-AMG has now released UK prices for the entire range. GT, GT S and.