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Upper control arm mercedes e class

Upper control arm mercedes e class

VW used an armoured hose with detailed on fittings, I made it from soft flat tube, soldered to the old flanges. The Garrett turbocharger has a popular operated waste gate and a fairly large cast iron tower gas chamber, which in the car was accelerating to some sort of ball joint on the exhaust pipe. I preceded off the two fingers that held the ball joint and decided control arm mercedes e class the lathe to create a model surface of nearly 2" to attach the exhaust hose later. In is some doubt in my mind about this construction, because the time will be blowing very hot gas in a cast iron head that has a water cooled end. But I could not come up with a different solution: the exhaust hose would burn away within specs if no water is injected at that point, and the intended of the turbocharger is far too complicated to cool the next surface.

Remove the upper two 10mm bolts on each side of the cross member. Compress the two plastic clips holding the wiring harness to the cross member and push them down through the holes in the cross member.

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Lift the cross member out and flip it over. Next you need to remove the hood release cable on the right side.

It just slips out of its plastic retaining clip.