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Mercedes sls hydraulic fluid

Mercedes sls hydraulic fluid

Quantity Product Details If your fluid is old and dark it is time to flush it out. I recommend you order 4 liters if you are going to do a complete fluid change on a wagon or other model with only rear SLS.

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It can not be shipped via postal or internationally. At the same time you should change the filter located in the top of the fluid tank. While you are at it check the condition of your braided low pressure return hose this goes from the tank to the pump.

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This hose is prone to weeping or leaking right through the cover. Best to change it if it looks old.

I recommend the hydraulic fluid and filter be changed every 30, miles. Sometimes I have even found engine oil in the system!

Located under the cap on your hydraulic reservoir tank. Fits all TD wagons from to Includes 1 meter of heavy duty fuel hose that holds up better to the hydraulic fuel than the old style original braided hose.

Mercedes Self Leveling Rear Suspension SLS Part 9: W210 E320 Wagon Overview

If you have any Mercedes model with hydraulic self leveling suspension from the early 70's up to the early 's this is the correct fluid to use. High quality. trade-in !