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2002 passat catalytic converter recall

2002 passat catalytic converter recall

It allows your vehicle to comply with local emissions restrictions by using oxygen and a chemical catalyst to convert the pollutants into carbon dioxide and water. Carbon monoxide is a poison for any person or animal, hydrocarbons create smog and nitrogen oxides, which form when heat in the engine causes nitrogen in the air to combine with oxygen, can produce both smog and acid rain.

Causes of Catalytic Converter Problems If my VW Passat catalytic converter needs to be replaced, does that mean it simply wore out? No, that's a common misconception.

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Any problems that develop are most often the result of the catalytic converter becoming overheated, and there are many factors that can contribute to that condition. Anything that causes fuel to find its way to the converter, such as an air leak in the intake manifold that creates a lean condition, leaking injectors, the wrong spark plugs, incorrect timing or a faulty O2 sensor or EGR valve can be the culprit.

Oil or antifreeze that enter the exhaust system will have the same effect. And using RTV silicon sealant or Teflon tape is a bad idea.

They degrade and will destroy the converter. In short, damage from physical impact certainly occurs.

When you're getting local estimates, be sure to specify " Volkswagen Passat catalytic converter" or the appropriate complete description for your year and model. And it's important to have the person doing the repair diagnose the issue that caused the failure.

Otherwise, your new converter will be ruined as well.

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Is it possible to drive a car with a bad catalytic converter? Most consist of two parts: the metal or ceramic converter itself and the lambda probe, which measures the amount of oxygen in the exhausted gas compared to the air outside.

Based upon what it determines, the air and fuel mixture is adjusted to create the right combustion. This sensor works whether or not the converter body is broken, so the wrong values can be sent to the fuel injection system and engine performance can be seriously impacted.

2002 passat catalytic converter recall

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