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Buy subaru crosstrek 2018

Buy subaru crosstrek 2018

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Those who loved the first generation of Crosstreks will find themselves enamored with the brand-new Subaru Crosstrek. Now stepping into its second generation, the Crosstrek keeps everything drivers loved about the first generation and adds a lot more safety and technological features.

Whether you take this vehicle off-roading or just use it as a daily driver, the Crosstrek is one of the most secure subcompact SUVs on the market.

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Many things are new on the Subaru Crosstrek since it has been redesigned for its second generation. New on the Crosstrek is an upgrade to the 's engine, a newly-constructed chassis, a more upscale-looking but still user-friendly cabin, and an abundance of new standard and optional features.

Precision Steering and Handling One of the biggest reasons to buy a Crosstrek is that the model has a newly-crafted and well-tuned suspension that makes steering and handling incredibly precise.

The steering is very responsive, and the handling gives the Crosstrek a lot of security while going over rough road surfaces. Drivers will feel confident taking this vehicle off-roading or just driving it around town.

Buy subaru crosstrek 2018

Spacious Cabin A little bit of cabin space has been added to the lineup. There is now more legroom in the rear for taller adults, so cramming in a couple of overfeet-tall people into the back seats is no longer an issue.

There is also plenty of space up front.

Buy subaru crosstrek 2018, 2018 subaru crosstrek

Many Optional Safety Features When it comes to safety features, Subaru packs a lot of standard features into the Subaru Crosstrek. They also have a lot of optional safety features available, including a blind spot warning accident avoidance system, turn signal mirrors, and LED headlamps.

High Ground Clearance Since the Crosstrek is built for off-roading, it only makes sense that it has a high ground clearance. While other SUVs and even some trucks have low ground clearance, Subaru recognizes the importance of keeping the undercarriage free and clear from the road or trail.

You won't have to worry about bottoming-out your car while going over rocky terrain or getting debris in your undercarriage while driving along crumbling city roads. This vehicle is extremely well-insulated, so not a lot of road or wind noise gets through the doors and windows.

The powertrain is also relatively quiet, as you have to take it up to full throttle for it to get remotely noisy. Standard AWD Most Subaru drivers already know this, but those who don't will be surprised and delighted to learn that all-wheel drive comes standard on every Subaru.

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Since the Crosstrek is designed for off-roading, this makes going along steep trails and through rugged mountain terrain relatively simple. The tires stick well to the road, and the feedback you get while driving inspires confidence and reduces guesswork as to what the vehicle is doing.


High-Quality Interior Materials On the first generation of Crosstreks, the cabin looked relatively average and not too exciting. However, on the Crosstrek, it looks like Subaru put quite a bit of effort into creating a luxurious-looking interior that is adorned with high-quality materials.

Nothing looks like it is going to fall apart with a little bit of wear and tear.

User-Friendly Touchscreen Infotainment System Unlike the systems found in some of the Crosstrek's competitors, the touchscreen interface is very user-friendly. The digital display is easy to read, the buttons are not too finicky, and the entire layout makes sense.

Easy to Load Items Into the Cargo Area Although the cargo space is slightly smaller this year, the cargo area is wider. This makes it easier to load an unload bulky items, including groceries. There is also still plenty of space for storing things in the cargo area.

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EyeSight adds a lot of active safety features, including pre-collision braking and throttle management, lane departure and sway warning, and adaptive cruise control. Buying Tip: To avoid overpaying on.

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