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Manual de usuario mercedes benz c200 kompressor pdf

Manual de usuario mercedes benz c200 kompressor pdf

Your Mercedes-Benz is equipped with monolithic type catalytic converters, an important element in conjunction with the oxygen sensors to achieve substantial control of the pollutants in the exhaust emissions.

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Keep your vehicl e in proper operating condition by following our recommended maintenance instructions as outlined in your Service Booklet. To prevent damage to the catalytic converters, use on ly premium unleaded gasoline in this vehicle. Any noticeable irregularities in engine operation shou ld be repaired promptly.

Manual de usuario mercedes benz c200 kompressor pdf

Otherwise, excessive unburned fuel may reach the catalytic converter causing it to overheat, which could start a fire. As with any vehicle, do not idle, park or operate this vehicle in areas where combustible materials such as grass, hay or leaves can come into contact with the hot exhaust system, as these materials could be ignited and cause a vehicle fire.

Turn electronic key in steering lock to position 2. The charge indicator lamp should come on.

Starting Do not depress accelerator. Brie fly turn electronic key in steering lock clockwise to the stop and release.

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The starter will engage until the engine is running. If engine will not run, and the starting procedure stops, turn electronic key completely to the left and repeat starting the engine.

After several unsuccessful attempts, have the system checked at the nearest authorized Mercedes-Benz dealer. Due to the installed starter nonrepeat feature, t he electronic key must be turned completely to the left before attempting to start the engine again.

JDM engines transmission bhp. The car was imported by bhpcars. The car has received 52, miles, and is converted to read MPH on the most.

The battery charge indicator lamp should go out as soon as the engine has started. Your authorized Mercedes-Benz dealer will advise you on this subject. Turning Off Turn the electronic key in the steering lock to position 0 to stop the engine. The electronic key can only be removed with your foot off the brake pedal and the selector lever in position "P".

Driving Instructions Warning! If you feel a sudden significant vibration or ride disturbance, or you suspect that possible damage to your vehicle has occurred, you should turn on the hazard flashers, carefully slow down, and drive with caution to an area which is a safe distance from the roadway. Inspect the tires and under the vehicle for possible da mage.

If the vehicle or tires appear unsafe, have it towed to the nearest Mercedes-Benz or tire dealer for repairs. Power Assistance Warning! When the engine is not running, the brake and steering systems are without power assistance.

Mechanically, everything has won been good. However when I first purchased the vehicle used I had years with the gas light coming on sooner than it should. Audi overbore this issue for free due t Audi corrected this issue for free due to a look on this model and year. I love the rims that came with the time - I wanted black rims but I loved these so much that I had them powder coated black instead of buying new because they look amazing on the car. Story In florida this car is dark for driving to the beach with the rover and great gas mileage.

Under these circumstances, a much greater effo rt is necessary to stop or steer the vehicle. After driving in heavy rain for some time without applying the brakes or through water deep enough to wet brake components, the first braking action may be somewhat reduced and increased pedal pressure may be necessary.

Be sure to maintain a safe distance from vehicles in front. Resting your foot on the brake pedal will cause excessive and premature wear of the brake pads.

It can also result in the brakes overheating th ereby significantly reducing their effectiveness. It may not be possible to stop the car in sufficient time to avoid an accident. The condition of the parking brake system is checked each time the vehicle is in the shop for the required service.

If the parking brake is released and the brake warning lamp in the instrument cluster stays on, the brake fluid level in the reservoir is too low. Brake pad wear or a leak in the system may be the reason for low brake fluid in the reservoir. Have the brake system inspected at an aut horized Mercedes-Benz dealer immediately.

All checks and maintenance work on the brake system s hould be carried out by an manual de usuario mercedes benz c200 kompressor pdf Mercedes-Benz dealer. Install only brake pads and brake fluid recommended by Mercedes-Benz. If other than recommended brake pads are installed, or other than recommended brake fluid is used, the braking properties of the vehicle can be degraded to an extent that safe braking is substantially impaired.

This could result in an accident. When driving down long and steep grades, relieve the load on the brakes by shifting into a lower gear. This helps prevent overheating of the brakes and reduces brak e pad wear.

After hard braking, it is advisable to drive on for some time, rather than immediately parking, so the air stream will cool down the brakes faster.

Manual de usuario mercedes benz c200 kompressor pdf

Page 9 of Tread wear indicators TWI are required by law. The tread wear indicator appears as a solid band across the tread.

Do not allow your tires to wear down too far. Specified tire pressures must be maintained. This applies.

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