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Most reliable mercedes benz e class

Most reliable mercedes benz e class

Luxury cars are known for being elegant, having a ton of features, and for being a status symbol in their own right. Unfortunately, one thing that luxury cars aren't known for is reliability. After all, part of the luxury car package is being able to claim you can maintain it and keep driving it.

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If you don't want to sacrifice reliability but still want to keep luxury, you need to buy one of these cars. According to mechanics and car experts, these are the most reliable luxury cars to buy in The E-Class line has long been known as a "hit or miss" group, primarily because of the fact that amenities aren't always what the luxury market wants.

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However, this new E-Class model definitely scores on the "hit" side of things. High levels of comfort, great seats, a loud speaker, and a horsepower engine make this a very reliable sedan that feels like a sports car.

Most reliable mercedes benz e class

It also has been given the best fuel economy rating among non-hybrid sedans. The Audi A7 recently won a slew of award for being one of the best large cars in the luxury market.

Mercedes-Benz Reliability: most reliable mercedes benz e class

A supercharged V6 engine that generates horsepower makes for a car that feels luxurious, drives like a muscle car, and also has the awesome ability to stay as reliable as possible. While it is a luxury car, it also happens to be built to be a perfect commuter car. Its hybrid-level gas mileage also means that longer commutes won't equate pain at the pump. The Lexus CT offers a very respectable horsepower, and also has one of the most affordable price tags in the luxury sector.

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Part of the reason why people love to drive Porsches is because of their powerful engines and great handling. However, there's also something to be said about their appearance, their luxury, and their overall golden status as quality cars.

That high quality is what makes the one of the most reliable luxury cars to buy this year. This time, it's the petite-but-comfortable Lexus RC.

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This car is known for sumptuous seats, a zippy horsepower turbocharged engine, and plenty of subtle luxury amenities that make it an incredibly fun drive. It's small size makes it relatively fuel efficient, and its sturdy build makes it one of the most reliable luxury cars to buy this year.

We're in love with this car.

Better still, this reliable midsize car also comes with advanced safety features and a decent V6 engine. Whoever said commuting can't be fun hasn't been in one of these before. If you love riding in style when you're on your way to work, the the ES is definitely good to go. This is a car that walks a fine line between a sports car and a muscle car thanks to its slick build and exceptionally powerful engine.

It's a car that's a status symbol thanks to its incredibly beautiful exterior and known for its super luxurious interior.

Oh, yes, it is a luxury car. But, it's not just a luxury car. It's an iconic car that shows the true power of being able to afford a serious car.

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Your car is a statement if you drive one of these. Believe it or not, the Porsche has one of the highest reliability ratings of all cars in its class.

Most reliable mercedes benz e class

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