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Mercedes sprinter reconditioned rear axle differential

Mercedes sprinter reconditioned rear axle differential

DennisPM I am horrified at the cost of these repair kits. He said that he would complete the job in one day? It would be nice to know the profit margin on this assembly so that maybe I can strike a deal with the mechanic? Steve stp57AM Dennis, what kind of equipment would a credible shop need to have in order to thoroughly clean out the axle assembly before replacing parts?

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MB doesn't do a service exchange from my inquiries and is spendy. Other sources locally indicated a 4 day down time at best. I have posted before on this forum that the pinion bearings Koyo Hi Torq are from my experience the first to fail and if neglected cause contingent damage to the ring and pinion.

Timken made in USA are my preferred repair option.

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It is a must on any vehicle to purge out a component to remove debris from a previous failure. Failure to do so invites a repeat of the same failure.

Check & adjust gear backlash of rear axle on Sprinter - Part 1 - W906, W900 with rear axle

None could be more so than an axle assy. In both recent cases my shop was able to re-instate the vans in question to serviceability by rebuilding the differential the same day with parts available locally in Colorado.

Mercedes sprinter reconditioned rear axle differential

As a notable point of interest, I did do a check on a reported whine under load last week; it was a recent used van purchase with K miles recorded. The owner had concerns, naturally.

A quick inspection of the oil suggested that the previous service done by the sales team had drained and filled the rear end with GL5 mineral oil. We drained it for a sample analysis then filled with the spec'd Dodge synthetic repeating the road test for noise emission. Significantly reduced noise emission was noted, in fact almost eliminated.

I told the owner to let it develop and hold off until the oil analysis comes back then make decision to open it or not. Pissed off that my van's drivetrain was never this quiet for the last K miles.

If I only knew that something was amiss from the start I would have had it covered under warranty. I'm faced with the exact same repair myself with K miles on my '05 van.

The jury is still out on whether I will need a new rear diff, or if it can be rebuilt with some new parts. But for others out there, I wonder if you should replace the pinion ring and bearing in a standard maintenance interval before you hear the loud howling noise coming from the rear differential. How common is this issue? I couldn't afford an extended downtime so I went the most expensive route. As a rock crawler in the past I have seen plenty of differentials blow up.

On the street it is very rare for the actual ring and pinion to fail, but bearing failure is fairly common.

Also know

In general, when lowering a motorcycle, both the front and rear end should be lowered the same amount.

The axle bearings failing more than the differential bearings. Address the problem before it does damage and you can often get away with just putting new bearings in. If any minor adjustments of the ring gear and pinion need to be done, so be it.

Only problem, I still have squeaky breaks. I was interested about my rental car and asked if I should come back the next day to pick up the new car, but Brandee cited to call Enterprise to have my car picked up, so I was able to sell immediately with my beautiful new used car. It was eventually smooth and the directions were very clear about what documents need to be uploaded. Swap was an easy ways and took the anxiety out of selling my car myself.

I have seen axles howl and a new set of bearings fixed them right up. Most of what I have seen come from Yukon is decent quality stuff.

MERCEDES SPRINTER SINGLE Wheel Reconditioned Rear Differential, £, PicClick UK

Steve Steve To thoroughly clean I have two main options. If the axle case is on the floor, it goes in the shop parts dishwasher, hot water and solvent jet wash.

This is going to be a tough decision. Fro, this is the time of year when many manufacturers across all prices and their dealerships may offer specials and deals on my previous year vehicles. In short, they want to clear out our current inventory to make room for the new. This could potentially be a time when australians can get a nice price on a model. Compare Munich vs Tacoma in my video review.

If the thing is under the van, we use a brake cleaner solvent and a pressurized dispenser gun to blast the interior. Then we have a telescopic air jet connected to the shop line to bast the fragments into the differential housing proper. Then suck out with a shop vac. I did have one that had a severe case of bearing spalling, and those tiny bearing fragments the sparklies were everywhere; even doing the solvent clean out wasn't entirely successful.

Being at the point of case removal we sprayed the interior with de-greaser and flooded the interior with a jet water power washer. The Mexican doing the job got soaked and Latino cuss words were abound, but after drying with.

Rear Axle for Mercedes-Benz Sprinter If your car or van has a live rear axle or live rear differential, ie Salisbury, Limited Slip Diff and it's making. Ford Transit Single Wheel > Disc Brake Reconditioned Rear Differential. £​ Buy Mercedes Sprinter Panel Van rear axle and differential.