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Mercedes w204 power steering fluid new w

Mercedes w204 power steering fluid new w

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There are several thoughts and methods on changing the power steering fluid in a W The power steering system on the W is tightly placed in the engine compartment. Accessing the lines to do a complete drain and flush is very time consuming. Opening the system will also introduce air into it, which can cause expensive damage quickly if you do not follow the proper instructions for filling and bleeding the complete system.

A smaller petrol engine will have enough power round town, will warm its heater up faster in winter and will cost less to buy. Even after a 2 hour motorway mercedes w204 power steering fluid new w, the following morning it would do a re-gen.

I recommend doing it old school and sucking out fluid, topping off the reservoir and repeating over several applications. While this will leave some of the old oil in the system, it will replace the bulk of the fluid with new. It is also quicker, cheaper and a lot less messy. If you are determined to completely drain the system please see our articles on power steering pump replacement for additional assistance as well as how to properly fill and bleed the system.

Why You Should NEVER EVER FLUSH POWER STEERING FLUID Until You Watch This!! W Mercedes C E S CLK CLS SL Class Diff Differential Oil Change, : Scott Elliott 13 .

Figure 1 The power steering pump and reservoir are located at the left front of the motor red arrow. Remove the front engine cover yellow arrow by pulling it straight up and off from the center of the piece.

Remove the left air duct by compressing it off the air filter housing and then slipping it off the duct green arrow. Introducing dirt into the system is as bad as getting air in.

On models equipped with Bilstein trade package, these springs will lower the rear approximately. Although this lowering combination may seem rather "odd", the final treasury of the springs on the car offers a sports "front to rear" look. If your car is still extremely on the original shocks, it is certainly time to consider a breakdown. We do not suggest installing aftermarket performance-based illiterates on a set of tired high mileage shocks, as this may go a "springy" and bouncy ride. If you prefer to keep the ride every of your car more "stock like", you may wish to disconnect your old shocks with a set of Mazda units, or an original set of aftermarket OEM style replacements.

Large Image Extra-Large Image Figure 3 Begin by using a fluid pump or turkey baster and sucking out as much fluid as you can. If you are using a turkey baster to remove fluid you will not be able to get much out due to the size of the opening in the reservoir.

I really recommend getting a fluid pump. If you manage to remove enough fluid that the level falls below the re-supply line for the pump you can introduce air into the system and then you will have to follow all of the procedures for bleeding.


European cars, such as the old Beetles and others also used pinpoint mercedes w204 power steering fluid new w as the topping fabric.

While the system does not hold a large amount if you are going to suck off fluid and replace it several times you should be prepared to use a little more than if you are just filling it. Once you run the procedures a few times the old and new fluids will mix, and you will be removing some new fluid as well.

Mercedes w204 power steering fluid new w

As with all Mercedes, their systems are usually q Finding a proper power steering fluid for your w is almost as important as Step 3 – Fill with new fluid​.