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Mercedes 500 sl gullwing for sale

Mercedes 500 sl gullwing for sale

Optional ring and pinion gears, per set 80 Sport-Leicht or Super-Leicht[ edit ] Mercedes-Benz did not announce what the abbreviation "SL" meant when the car was introduced and various magazines and company officials have gone back and forth between Sport Leicht and Super Leicht light.

After the SL Coupe completely dominated the D Production class en route to titles in and the rules were changed to make the class more competitive by enlarging maximum engine size from 3. Rather than radically modify its engine size on the cusp of releasing the company's new SL Roadster to replace the CoupeMercedes-Benz instead created two specially modified Roadsters to campaign in the D Modified class on the SCAA circuit. These featured a solid cover over the passenger seat, a low profile racing screen in place of a full-width and height windshield, a driver's seat roll bar, a custom cowl with engine air intake, and a lack of front and rear bumpers.

These and other modifications lowered vehicle weight from 1, kilograms 3, pounds to 1, kilograms 2, pounds. Team driver Paul O'Shea once again brought home the title for the company.

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To further reduce weight, its hood, doors, dashboard and trunk lid were made of aluminum. An additional 80 kilograms pounds could be eliminated with an extremely expensive all-aluminium body, but only 29 were made.

Interior[ edit ] Three checkered pattern seats fabrics were available as standard.

Mercedes 500 sl gullwing for sale - classic mercedes-benz 300sl for sale

Even with the upward opening doors the Coupe has an unusually high sill, making entry and exit from the car's cockpit problematic. To further facilitate entry the steering wheel pivoted on its hub 90 degrees away from the dashboard. The Roadster could come with two custom fitted leather suitcases for the larger trunk.

The side windows in the Coupe are fixed, but roll down normally in the Roadster. Fabric seats, in a distinctive plaid pattern, were standard on the Coupe Leather seats were optional The steering wheel could be released and tilted down or away to aid in entry and exit Roadster dashboard with aftermarket gauge pod on right The car's tubular frame caused luggage capacity to be severely limited in the Coupe Exterior[ edit ] The body consists mainly of sheet steel, with the hood, trunk lid, dashboard, sill and door skins made of aluminium.

Mercedes 500 sl gullwing for sale

Silver gray was the standard color; all others were options at an additional expense. The exceptional width of the tubular frame along the cockpit allowed the cabin roofline to be inset considerably on both sides, dramatically reducing frontal area. The frame, however, was also quite high along the midline, prohibiting the attachment of normal doors.

The only option — already used on the W race car — that would allow passengers up and over an exceptionally high and deep sill were the now iconic gull-wing doors. Rather than an aesthetic choice, they were a design necessity. Eyebrows are a stylistic feature that also stretch the curvaceous body.

Mercedes-Benz claimed they were aerodynamic additions and pushed airflow over the top of the car and kept the windows clean in bad weather.

Like the racing Mercedes-Benz Mthe SL borrowed the basic 2 valve per cylinder M engine from the regular four-door W "Adenauer" luxury tourer introduced in To improve performance, the M replaced the W's triple two-barrel Solex carburetors with a groundbreaking Bosch mechanical direct fuel injectionsystema first in a production vehicle.

A free optional, even more powerful version of the M, with radical Sports camshaft and 9.

The Roadster was delivered with this engine only on its debut in The M engine, with its distinctive massive sand-cast aluminum intake manifold In order for the M to be installed in the low profile car, it was tilted 50 degrees toward the driver's side. Faster acceleration was provided with ratios of The lowest final gear ratio, of Adapting a race-bred mechanical direct fuel-injection system proved not without problems.

And it was this problem oil, to boot. However, Toyota had been doing some items on how well the oil lasted; I believe the vehicles of these tests had to go to some government agency or other as well.

Unlike today's electrically powered fuel injection systems, the SL's mechanical fuel pump would continue to inject gasoline into the engine during the.

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