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The War Assets Administration was the latest to operate and was abolished in An inflection point occurred in the fall after several events brought increasing public scrutiny, and the eventual release of Federal records on the movement of military goods to civilian police forces was made public on November 21, Other most commonly requested items buy surplus military vehicles for cold weather clothing, sand bags, medical supplies, sleeping bags, flashlights and electrical wiring.

The DLA also offers tactical armored vehicles, weapons, watercraft, and aircraft. The largest number of requests for material comes from small to mid-sized police departments who are unable to afford extra clothing, vehicles and weapons.

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The program gives smaller police departments access to material that larger police departments are usually able to afford without federal assistance. Campus police at the Arizona State University currently hold the most M16's with a total of 70, followed by Florida International University and the University of Marylandwhich both carry 50 M16's.

Equipment allocated has ranged from gauze, [34] trousers, and other basic supplies, to armored vehicles, [34] grenade launchers, and M assault rifles. Another justification for involvement in the program is the epidemic of school shootings on U.

Firearms, certain vehicles and other equipment must be returned to the Defense Department after use. The Sheriff's speaker described it as chance to cherry-pick, "as we can start approving our own requests".

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Investigators identified "hundreds of millions of dollars in reported lost, damaged, or stolen excess property It was inconclusive from the questioning, how many times equipment was purchased with funds used to combat terrorism.

He stated that the Pentagon was diligent in deciding what equipment was sent to specific police departments. Police lobbying efforts, and the elections had rendered Congress lame duckand the support for ending or changing the program dwindled. Casey Delehanty and colleagues, larger transfers are associated with increased killings by police.

Buy construction equipment, Humvees, trucks, uniforms & field gear, home & office goods, medical equipment, unclaimed property & more. All sales open to the. Did you know you can buy used military trucks? You can. And you should! Department of Military & Veteran Affairs, Where can I buy surplus military The place to obtain original US Government surplus property is Defense Logistics. In order to keep traveling, we needed to find a larger vehicle. Buying an old military truck isn't as straight forward as buying a The most common way people acquire them is through an online military surplus auction, but.