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Mercedes lower control arm replacement for displacement

Mercedes lower control arm replacement for displacement

How to Replace a Lower Control Arm and Bushings A lower control arm can cause popping, steering wheel shakes and irregular tire wear A lower control arm is designed to act as a support between the car frame and the spindle which is where the tire is located.

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Every car is designed with control arms no matter if it is conventional, hybrid or electric. At least 2 control arms are on any car while independent rear suspension models will have at least four.

Mercedes lower control arm replacement for displacement

These arms consist of two rubber bushings a metal frame and in some cases a ball joint. Responsible for allowing the wheel to move upward while the car hits at bump without transferring the motion to the body of the car a control arm acts like a hinge which supports the weight of the car by using a spring and shock assembly.

Because the weight of the car is transferred through the control arm two rubber bushings are fitted at the pivot point and bolted to the frame. Road conditions and driving habits can contribute to the wear of these bushings which will become worn and fall apart.

These bushing can be inspected by raising the car up and looking for an irregular configuration of the rubber center of the bushing.

How to Replace a Lower Control Arm and Bushings: mercedes lower control arm replacement for displacement

Many control arms have the ball joint manufactured into the arm which will be replaced along with the control arm itself. When one control arm is worn it is highly advised to replace the opposing arm. How Much Does it Cost? Let's Get Started You will need to start by removing the wheel and jacking the car up while supporting it on jack stands.

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Also wear protective eyewear and gloves. Release the Ball Joint To start the ball joint must be released which can be done using a large wrench 20mm to 24mm or socket and loosening the ball joint nut after the cotter pin has been removed.

Then by using a hammer strike the spindle or control arm bulkhead to "shock" the taper fit loose. If this job is being done on "live spring" suspension shock the lower control arm must be held by a hydraulic jack and then slowly lowered once the ball joint is released.

Remove the nut using a 14mm or 15mm wrench or socket.

Mercedes lower control arm replacement for displacement

There could be a mini taper fit for this connection so you may need to shock it loose much like the ball joint. Grasp the sway bar link and remove it away from the lower control arm mount.

This will help the sway bar link stay out of the way during the job. Use a 19mm to 22mm wrench or socket to loosen and remove the bolts. Some bolts will have a nut on the backside which will need to held by an additional wrench.

These bolts will be tight so make sure the socket or wrench is securely on the head of the bolt to avoid rounding. A universal joint and socket can be used to remove the rear control arm bolt which makes the job easier. After the bolts have been removed the arm may be loose so keep your hands on it.

Remove the Lower Control Arm If the control arm is still in its mounts firmly grasp the arm and pull it outward while moving it up and down to remove it from the frame mounts. Replace the Bushings If you are replacing just the bushings then continue with this guide.

If you are replacing the entire control arm then continue onto number 6 in this guide. In the image below you can see the old bushing is torn allowing the control arm to wonder around in its mounts which causes brake pull and irregular tire wear.

Match the new bushing to the old bashing located in the control arm. It should be an identical match.

A press will be needed to remove the old bushings and install the new unit. First mark the orientation to ensure the new bushing will be installed correctly. If the bushing is incorrectly installed it will tear while incorrectly performing.

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Replacing Lower Control Arms on Mercedes

Just as every skeletal system has cartilage to cushion and align bones at a joint, every vehicle has control arm bushings at the joints between the upper and lower control arms and the vehicle’s frame.​ When you have a worn out or bad control arm bushing, it can greatly affect how.