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Mercedes w140 rear door panel removal

Mercedes w140 rear door panel removal

Seat Belt Extender About one month ago, the driver's side Seat Belt Extender SBE tried to reverse itself while it was not extended and as a result, it managed to damage itself.

It made such a racket for 20 seconds and after it stopped, it made a loud 'clunk-clunk' sound when the arm extended. It still operated OK if you could live through the noise but who knows how long it would last. The way this happened is an interesting story.

In this video I will be showing you how to remove the side panel on the drivers side of a W Mercedes-Benz NOTE: This will work with all doors, on W.

My wife got into the car on the passenger side as she normally does and started the car by leaning over and turning the key, something she has NEVER done. I was not in the car and did not close the driver's door fully; it was closed but not 'latched'. The 'S' cars have an automatic feature that 'pulls' the door closed tightly when it's triggered. Then the SBE will extend the seat belt. When I got into the car, sat in the driver's seat and closed the door, the SBE didn't extend, instead it started to retract.

Since it was already retracted, it proceeded to 'grind' the gears for about 20 secs. It obviously 'thought' it was extended, thus the damage to the gears. I'm pretty confident that this chain of events caused the problem but I'm not about to TEST that theory now that it's fixed! Yesterday, I took it apart to see what could be done; after getting it apart and removed from the car, you could plainly see broken teeth on the drive gears.

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A call to the local MB dealer produced a lot of shock. So I decided to see if I could find a 'junked' unit and get the gears from it. Now you can't beat free! The W part number: 01 82 for the drivers side. The passenger side unit's part number is different.

The W part number: 08 82 for the passenger's side. The driver side unit's part number is different.

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The gears from either can be used in the other unit! So I proceeded to take it apart and remove the two needed gears.

Did the 83,s feel like they have a longitudinally less out of the gate. Known for the greater of its fairings throughout Europe, Sebimoto is now one of the foundations of polyester parts on race fairings.

After inspecting them closely, I found that the small gear was slightly thicker than needed. Since they are made from nylon, it was a simple matter to sand off the excess to make it fit perfectly. The other problem is that the second gear spindle is a little smaller that the original.

There was no solution for this but it didn't retard the operation since the two gears are under tension when assembled. SBE Removal The following disassembly instructions refer to the drivers side.

Mercedes w140 rear door panel removal

In order to repair the SBE, the rear seat side panel must be removed to gain access to it as the SBE assy is mounted to the car's sidewall for stability. To start, remove the rear driver's side seat bottom.

This gains access to the seat back which is held by one bolt Remove the bolt and lift the rear seat cushion out. Now you can see the complete side panel. On the car's frame at the bottom of the panel, remove the screw that holds it down. Next, with a proper panel puller tool, remove the leather panel cover.

Now you will see two 2 screws near the 'handle' that hold the panel to the side frame; remove these and start to work the panel loose. As is the custom with Mercedes, the panel is held by 'clips' on the top side. So you need to gently lift the panel 'up' and out.

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Once that panel is removed you can now see the SBE unit. Remove the three 3 screws that secure the unit to the side wall of the car and unplug the cable from the electronic control box located just below the SBE on the side wall.


You should now have the complete unit ready to 'operate' on your work bench. For my unit the smaller gear as shown below, was 'shaved' bald for four 4 teeth.


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After inspection, the main drive gear had two 2 'chipped' teeth most likely due to the scraping action that occurred when the unit reversed itself. I hadn't planned on replacing the second gear but after seeing the two 'chipped' teeth, I decided that it needed to be replaced since it could catch and cause the same problem to occur.

The picture shows a 'recreated' version. On close inspection, you can see that both gears are from my SBE assy. I put them back into the SBE assy for comparison so.

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