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2015 mercedes cla 250 oil grade

2015 mercedes cla 250 oil grade

Long Beach, CA Hello everyone. This is my very first post but I have done hours of reading on this website.

However, M40 and M42 clutches are the same, and E30 and E36 drills are the same, so no matter what you choose it'll fit fine. Relationship The preferred differential is 4.

I will try to make this brief. We did the first oil change at 45, mi. This is my main concern.

In the end we added oil until we were at the full mark and in total, we ended up putting 7. We were on ground level and we already turned the engine on to circulate the engine, turbo and oil filter.

The car currently has around thousand miles and it has ran perfectly fine with zero issues with the 7 quarts of oil. I guess my question is if anyone has experience the same thing I'm going through, I always try to do stuff correctly and precise but it seemed really wrong to have the correct amount of oil but it barely showed oil on the dipstick.

I'm thinking of joining a CLA forum just to ask this same question. Hope you guys come with welcoming information, not just for me but for everyone else.

From the start he made me feel good and was very helpful as understanding, helpful on what i was trying to accomplish. The car badly the nationals, everything works like it should all other roll up and down. The car always starts right up and the 4 tec trans shifts perfectly.

I know mixng oils is not recommended but Motul is not readily available and I have never had any negative effects mixing oils. Here is a link to my YouTube video I made of my oil change.