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Mercedes benz for sale no credit check

Mercedes benz for sale no credit check

When you shop here, you too can have quality German engineering and Mercedes-Benz luxury, even with an undesirable credit score. Speaking of which, we work with a great many lenders to get the best rate for you.

We are not looking to blindly get you approved and off our lot; we care about getting you behind the wheel of something you can afford.

What better way to rebuild your credit than behind the wheel of a C-Class? Our friendly finance department makes the process of buying a Mercedes with poor credit a stress-free endeavor, as we offer many incentives such as extended warranty programs and other cost-effective programs to meet your needs.

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Bankruptcy, repossessions, bad credit, or no credit—it matters not at ZAG Motors, as we work with many lenders to not only get you approved, but get you a manageable monthly rate as well. For more information and details, or to set up a test drive, we cordially invite you to stop by our conveniently located used car dealer in Lynnwood.

Our address is Highway 99, and we are also open seven days a week to serve you. At ZAG Motors, we fully understand that not everyone has perfect credit, but that it should not get in the way of getting behind the wheel of the car you deserve.

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We guarantee your approval, and look forward to seeing you.

Can I Buy a Car With No Credit?

At ZAG Motors, buying a Mercedes with bad credit is not an ordeal; it's easy, in fact. and Mercedes-Benz luxury, even with an undesirable credit score. Are you wondering if you can lease a car or SUV with bad credit? Well Additionally, note that every time you run a credit check can negatively affect this number. You likely won't be approved for a car or SUV lease without an income​.