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2015 mercedes c250 muffler delete

2015 mercedes c250 muffler delete 2015 mercedes c250 muffler delete

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I was the 2nd owner of the S4 when I bought it back in April I never thought I'd sell it; it's got the perfect combo of luxury, sport, practicality, and sex appeal A couple months ago the Porsche bug started acting up again and I started searching for I found a perfect one in NorCal and if it weren't for a Cayman 2015 mercedes c250 muffler delete the same purpose as an MR2, I would've flown up and bought it. I convinced myself that not all roadsters are the same, but at its core, a mid-engined car is still a mid-engined car, and I could never have more than 1 passenger.

I didn't want the Cayman to be my daily so I decided on keeping the MR2.

Something about aesthetics, exchange rates, all that gub'ment nonsense, etc. Checked on the cotter adjustment and looks like I need a fax cash to fax you the instructions. There are 5 years and I can not copy all the instructions with the pictures. Be stickier to just fax. Avatar Answered by JIS expert 1, neglects provided.

I feel that no matter what your car is, driving it daily will lose its appeal. My co-worker who's got an E63 told me I should try a C63, knowing I like smaller cars and having experienced the power of his car. Found one at a dealer, decided to call 'em up and even though it was priced much higher than I was looking for, I went down for a test drive.

I was definitely impressed, but still didn't think I was gonna buy it because it was too expensive. I didn't do a thorough walk-around, didn't look closely at the wheels or brakes, just kinda walked in and start negotiating to see what would happen. They also met my requirements for my monthly payment by reducing the sale price.

I was literally ready to walk out of the dealership because I really wasn't planning on selling the S4, yet somehow my stubbornness prevailed. Drove home in complete silence and wondered if I had made the right decision.

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I've always wanted a V8 at some point and I honestly don't like Mercedes I should probably mention what I got Gonna try my damn hardest not to tune it apparently from to hp because I need to appreciate what I have first. Still feels a little weird not having a 3rd pedal

How to install a Turbo Muffler Delete on your Mercedes-Benz C L Turbo Engine for more turbo sound mercedes c muffler delete & AMG tips. Apparently this muffler is only there to silence the turbo. I'll just have to get the TK upgraded intercooler with their silencer delete -:think. Unleash your Mercedes C Class engine's growl and power with a performance exhaust system. Choose from complete systems, mufflers.