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Mercedes c200 fuel pump relay location

Mercedes c200 fuel pump relay location

Next, start or attempt to start the engine. The fuel pressure should be 3. Once you test the pressure, recharge the fuel system by cycling the key or running the fuel pump. Note the fuel pressure.

Then allow the fuel system to sit under pressure for 30 minutes. It should hold a minimum of 2. In front of the cushion is a small plastic release lever.

Pull the lever up to release the seat cushion latch. The left side is shown.

Today I will show you the location of the fuel pump relay in a Mercedes B This relay often fails and you can´t start your car, sometimes when it´s cold. : 16 . . MERCEDES W FUEL PUMP FUSE RELAY LOCATION REPLACE ► Our Website: http Hey guys, in this video we will show you where to find the fuel pump fuse and fuel pump relay on Mercedes W

Repeat this step for the right side. Large Image Extra-Large Image Figure 6 Electrical testing: With the seat cushion folded forward, remove the carpet from below the seat.

Pull it up at the corner to detach the clip red arrow. I have mine propped up with a steering wheel holder red arrow. Even though the fuel pump is located in the right side of the fuel tank, the electrical connector is on the left side green arrow. Then lever the access cover up and remove it inset.

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Large Image Extra-Large Image Figure 9 Electrical testing: Disconnect the fuel pump electrical connector by pressing the locking tab while pulling the connector off the fuel pump module. These are the two terminals on my subject vehicle. The red arrow points to the battery positive feed to the pump.

Check out my build sheet Featuring my own inch swingarm extension and 3 inch rear mounted link. This is an extreme example, but I had a Mazda 3 with the superb rust problem in the same area. While I was in turn 2 years ago, I was also working part time at a body shop featuring cars, didn't do any body work and have no loss with that. To cut a long story amazing, my neighbor backed up into my car one terminal.

The yellow arrow points to the battery negative feed to the pump. You will be testing voltage across the large wires at the connector. The DVOM should read battery volts around 12 volts. If no voltage is found, check the relay and the fuel pump fuse. With the key ON, the fuel pump will receive voltage for three to five seconds to prime the system, if engine doesn't start. Connect the DVOM across the fuel pump electrical connector terminals and take a reading, it should read battery volts when the key is turned ON.

Then connect an incandescent bulb style test light to the battery ground and touch the test light probe tip to the positive wire you are backprobing with the DVOM. Your reading should hold steady.

Mercedes c200 fuel pump relay location

A maximum drop in voltage of 0. Anything more is a problem.

In this photo, voltage held steady. If you have no voltage to the pump, see the following steps for checking the relay function. Large Image Extra-Large Image Figure 12 Electrical testing: Working in the left side of the trunk, rotate the knobs red arrow 90 degrees counterclockwise.

Mercedes c200 fuel pump relay location

Then open the access door.

When a vehicle's ignition key is turned to the "On" position and no sound can be heard from the fuel pump, then the problem is may be a faulty fuel relay. The fuel pump relay on a Mercedes sl is located on the driver's side firewall inside the engine compartment. If a person notes the side of the air cleaner. Find solutions to your fuel pump relay located mercedes benz c question. the car or underneath? im not too sure about the c, but the pump for the c​. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for MERCEDES C-CLASS C W Fuel Pump Relay A at the best online.