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Consumer reports plug in hybrid animals

Consumer reports plug in hybrid animals

Do hybrids hold up over time? - Consumer Reports

Electric car prices are falling, but they still cost more than equivalent gas models because of their expensive batteries. But can they save you money? After that, the math gets more complicated.

Consumer reports plug in hybrid animals

Some states and utilities offer incentives for electric vehicle owners. Plugging in an electric car is generally cheaper than filling up a gas-powered one, but that depends on the local price of gas and electricity.

Some people can charge their electric cars at work, but others need to add a charging station to their garage.

For Ronald Montoya, a consumer advice editor with the car shopping site Edmunds. Electric car drivers are more likely to lease than gas car buyers; for example, 57 percent of Nissan Leaf electric cars are leased, compared to 30 percent of cars overall, Edmunds says. Edmunds regularly provides content, including automotive tips and reviews, for distribution by The Associated Press.

Still, electrics have benefits, both tangible—like lower maintenance costs—and intangible. Owners can drive them in high-occupancy vehicle lanes, for example, or simply feel good that they're causing less pollution.

Here's a comparison of the Nissan Leaf electric car and the Honda Civic, a comparably sized small car.

Those figures fluctuate depending on where you live; in Honolulu, for example, electricity is double the national average but gas is also expensive—79 cents higher per gallon than the national average. There are other costs to take into consideration as well.

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If you're a first-time electric car buyer and you can't charge at work or at a public charger, you'll likely want to install a volt charging port in your garage. Brakes get less wear, too, since the electric motor steps in to help slow the vehicle down.

But some maintenance is the same, such as tire rotation or adding wiper fluid. But electrics do have one significant looming cost: Battery replacement. The Leaf has an eight-year, ,mile warranty on its battery, but if you keep the car past that time, you could be facing an expensive repair. The value of electric vehicles falls quickly once they're driven off the lot.

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Electric cars haven't yet proven their durability, and buyers of used electrics are worried about battery costs. Used electric vehicle buyers also aren't eligible for federal and state tax incentives. But the depreciation has a bright side: it makes used electric cars much more affordable for those willing to buy them, Friedman says.

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