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Most fuel efficient large cars

Most fuel efficient large cars

What fuel labels tell you Vehicle make and model. Star rating - up to 6 stars for the most fuel efficient vehicles. The star rating will help you to compare one vehicle against another and to choose a vehicle that is more fuel efficient.

Estimated cost per year to run the car — this comparative running cost is based on average fuel price and driving 14,km per year. For diesel vehicles this cost also includes Road User Charges.

Fuel economy in litres per km — provided by the vehicle manufacturer who obtains the data from international rolling road cycle testing, based on performance of a new model of the car.

Average fuel price - used to calculate the cost per year for comparison purposes only. Fuel labels for electric cars You can use the label for electric cars to compare efficiency and running costs with other types of car. The electric car label differs slightly: fuel economy for electric cars is shown in kilowatt hours per km information includes a range showing how far the car can be expected to go on a full charge displaying the label is optional for dealers.

Use our vehicle total cost of ownership tool to compare electric vehicles with petrol or diesel vehicles.


There are a few instances in which the most fuel-efficient trim of a that the marginal increase in fuel economy didn't justify the large price. Looking to choose from a range of great economical cars? list of economical cars, but if you need a big car, the Kodiaq is pretty good on fuel, especially if you​. The Edmunds experts have rounded up the most fuel-efficient SUVs for Whether you're looking for a small crossover or a large luxury SUV, find out To see our latest rankings of vehicles like these, be sure to check out. Whether you've got a long daily commute or always stay closer to home, maximizing your MPG has never meant more. Here are the most fuel-efficient Sedans of. Choose one of our top ten most economical family cars and you'll save family hatchbacks, SUVs and saloon cars with fuel-efficient engines.