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Toyota mr2 1991 bhp

Toyota mr2 1991 bhp

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Japanese MR2 turbo information: specifications Engine cc, straight 4 cylinder, twin cam, 16 valve, EFI, intercooled, twin entry turbo. Revision 3 onwards: BHP.

Just last week the Touareg was only the Caravan and Motorhome Club's best Towcar in its largest automaker weight category, while the Arteon was named overall winner at the Tow Car Handbags a few weeks prior. Volkswagen's used car efforts have drawn high reputation from What Car. The judging panel described the up. Even in a few that was jam-packed with so many spacious estate cars it gave out. toyota mr2 1991 bhp It's great to drive, too, and that you can have all this information and classiness at such competitive prices only seals the deal for us.

Weight Kg source: 'Japanese Performance' magazine, Jan Curb weight of the american MR2 turbo T-bar car is listed in an american and Toyota brochure as lbs; that's Kg. Hardtop car should toyota mr2 1991 bhp very slightly lighter though. A genuine MPH is quite possible in uncontrolled conditions wind, gradient, etc. Heat saturation of the intercooler from the prolonged wide open throttle is probably also an issue.

Fuel consumption I get about 15 MPG but thats with the throttle to the floor as much as possible, which isn't that bad if you consider the amount of power being put out.

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Something like 24 MPG might be more typical. Some might claim as much as 30 MPG, but I think you're looking at a lot of motorway miles at 70 mph to get that, which perhaps isn't an appropriate use for such a car.

1991 Toyota MR2 Turbo Review: How good is it?

Toyota MR2: See 82 user reviews, photos and great deals for The price is high for the specs, but it nice to buy a car that it's rare to. Toyota MR2: See 82 user reviews, photos and great deals for The price is high for the specs, but it nice to buy a car that it's rare to. and Celica stablemates, the Toyota MR2 is promoted under the colour is the MR2 GT, which mates the bhp 3S-GE engine with a spoilered coupé. Profile. Even though it was never officially sold in the UK, the MR2 Turbo has become one of the most popular Japanese imports into the UK thanks to it's good​. I am buying a MR2, non T-Bar, but it doesn't have a spoiler! It is a UK car, but I am trying to find out the BHP output of the engine.