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Civic ep2 door card removal

Civic ep2 door card removal

Remove the door handle plastic insert by pushing it out from the back. Which leaves all the screws to remove Then unplug the unit.


If this vehicle utilizes an inductive crankshaft sensor you may be able to reduce the input range if the amplitude is low at idle civic ep2 door card removal I have applied the frequency math channel and cylinder 4 acceleration after injection assuming injection took place is low.

You can now start to unpop the clips, there is a hole at the bottom to allow you to get a tool in to help pop it out; they come out quite nicely and don'ty tend to break. You need to unclip the door handle L thing. It is quite simple; it hooks into the car, and a plastic clip holds it in place, lift it out, and turn it out of the plastic clip.

This is what it looks like when removed You will also need to unclip the plug wire clip from door card, it simply pulls out. The door card will now just lift over the window gap.

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When I replaced mine, I removed the tweeter covers for ease. I also clipped in the door handle clip first, and the wiring clip.

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Don't forget to plug back in the door lock, window control, and door handle!