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Audi sport rs3 lms

Audi sport rs3 lms

TCR has rapidly grown in popularity among your typical motorsport nations around the globe, with hundreds of races held across Europe, USA and Asia, and countries like China and Scandinavia are also getting involved.

Audi Sport Customer Racing Australia managing director Lee Burley While there are several manufacturers homologating and supplying race-ready cars to the TCR series, including Hyundai, Opel, Honda and Peugeot, a audi sport rs3 lms number of potential teams wanting to enter the category in Australia will look to purchase cars developed by Volkswagen Group Motorsport, which is represented in this country by Audi Sport Customer Racing Australia.

With Burley and his team distributing these cars, they will no doubt be among the prime movers in the development of the latest touring car category to enter the Australian motorsport landscape.

The Audi #1 Audi Sport RS 3 LMS is a touring car by Audi that was added to Forza Motorsport 7 as a free Spotlight car with the January update. Fancy some insights of the new Audi RS3 LMS? Tomorrow, our latest race car will make its race debut at the most difficult race track in the world, the legendary Nürburgring-Nordschleife.#LeagueofPerformance ⏱.

The team at Audi Sport Customer Racing Australia ran the racecar for Audi in a series of track days, enabling plenty of local motoring journalists and a couple of high-profile race drivers to drive the purpose-built racecar.

They provided plenty of enthusiastic feedback, though at the time TCR becoming a locally sanctioned category was a long way off.

The car was owned by Audi Germany and has recently been purchased by Audi Sport Customer Racing Australia in audi sport rs3 lms for potential customer testing and evaluation for the kick-off of TCR Australia in With that experience of running a TCR car and how it works, Lee Burley is now enthusiastic about the potential of TCR and the role it could play locally.

He feels that TCR is a perfect addition to the Shannons Nationals, which will see an influx of new categories join the second-tier national series inand views TCR as a potential pathway to other categories. And it looks like the support categories on those events will be good next year.

I think it needs to be over 20 ultimately ; whether that happens in the first year or second year we will see. I think there will be a need for that in the years to come because really any category at this level needs a bit of commercial interest to keep things going.

Audi sport rs3 lms

As Audi Sport Customer Racing Australia, representing the Volkswagen Group Motorsport, we will carry the major parts, with only a few essentials required to get the car running, and we will support any teams that choose to run a car from the Volkswagen Group Motorsport family.

You will just need your wheels, tyres, a torque wrench, and an air bottle to jack the car up and down on the air jacks.

Also Important

I then went on to join 2 much larger dealerships, although this was good experience, the sales techniques were getting harder and more controlled, I could see this was not audi sport rs3 lms with customers, and they deserved better service. You can read what a lot of them have to say audi sport rs3 lms.

There will be some other tools and so forth, but even software and the data logger are quite basic and simple to use. For ourselves, we like to run the cars for our customers who want a different experience.

Audi will not introduce a replacement for the RS 3 LMS in 2020

This means that the Melbourne-based organisation will set up a TCR support program the same as the system it has in place for its various customers in the Australian GT Championship and GT Trophy, with everything from buying spare parts, car set-up windows and a section to sell used cars found in the one place.

We will hold a huge inventory of parts for all three manufacturers.

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The Cupra, the Volkswagen, and Audi. We usually carry stock of two of each of the body parts in stock, so we can allow two of the same crashes of the one type of car. However, if we have an eight-car pile-up with the same manufacturer, things get a bit difficult.

The cars are all built to the same rules, and with the Balance of Performance in play, a driver who races well locally should be able to do the same in a car overseas. They could even take their own car and race in Asia or such.

Each lamp contains 3pcs high power LEDs, which means you the bright lighting output. Easy to install, one fender can do it without additional tools. Maker Ford Made of high mounted material, strong and durable.

With TCR already operating on our doorstep in Asia, Burley sees TCR as a launching pad for young drivers with a limited budget, and gives the opportunity to compete in other overseas racing. Look at Christopher Mies — he started racing in a one-make Toyota Yaris series and won the series two years in a row.

Audi RS3 LMS and Audi RS3 Sedan - The Beauty and The Beast !

“The entry-level. Audi has delivered the first two examples of the RS3 LMS customer of November,” said Chris Reinke, head of Audi Sport customer racing. “Audi has been active in motorsport on the highest level for generations,” says Stephan Winkelmann, Managing Director at Audi Sport with. Aug 12, Explore chungjason's board "Audi RS3 LMS" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Audi rs3, Audi and Audi sport. Best Audi RS3 Sedan Info & Car Price. New Cars, Used Cars, Reviews & More.