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2003 acura mdx power steering leak

2003 acura mdx power steering leak

Old Fluid Spraying Out Insert the return hose into a large and sturdy empty water bottle or other suitable container.

I used a large Fiji brand water bottle since it was my best option at the time. It is made out of relatively thick plastic that is much more sturdy than typical water bottles.

I wedged the Fiji water bottle securely into the engine bay while keeping it away from the serpentine belt. To help prevent the rubber hose from popping out of the water bottle and spraying old power steering fluid all over your engine bay ask me how I know it's possibleyou may want to secure the hose with some plastic cable ties, Gorilla Tape or have an assistant wearing gloves carefully hold the hose into the bottle.

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Once the hose is secured deep inside the water bottle, start the engine and slowly turn the steering wheel from lock to lock. Keep an eye on the engine bay through the opening between the cowl and the bottom of the hood to make sure the rubber hose doesn't eject out of the bottle and spray old fluid on the engine.

Then turn off the engine and check the water bottle. If your water bottle is small, you may need to empty it out and repeat the procedure to prevent from having it overfill. According to the service manual, the power steering system's total fluid capacity specification is 1.

Since the Honda power steering fluid is sold in 12 ounce bottles, you may need up to four bottles or 48 ounces to do a complete drain and re-fill. If your MDX has the optional accessory power steering cooler, the maximum capacity is 1.

2006 Acura MDX power steering noise fixed.

It's been a while since power steering oil is leaking and I replenished the oil twice a week. Finally today I went to dealer and they diagnosed. An Acura Mdx Power Steering System Leak Inspection costs between $44 and $56 on average. Get a free detailed estimate for a repair in your area.